Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bundles of Joy



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  1. Fuck… Just… Wow. Gotta love dyfunctionals.
    Is Kristin a guy and possibly the father?

  2. Wow. Usually, people would be pregnant with a girl or a boy. I’ve never actually heard of someone becoming pregnant with an STD before.

  3. Bundles of joy indeed, well, thier families anyway.

  4. hahahahahhahahaha Dr.Hymen!

  5. Sad that people regret their children. Too bad they didn`t use condoms so they wouldn`t have to bring more unwanted children into the world with shitty absent parents. Aweeesome guysss

  6. Haha Dr.Hymen.
    I love you.

  7. I like turtles.

  8. That last guy sounds like a keeper to me.
    He’s pulled out all the stops of a proper courtship.

  9. std’s were created in a lab by the white man, to keep the black people from reproducin’. damn crackers is responsible for my crack addiction AND the warts on my dick!

  10. Sometimes you can think you want a kid and then it turns out it was different than you thought.

  11. LOL @ Dr Hymen.

    I’m sure that Tricia’s sister is ecstatic that her loving sibling announced her disease to all of FB. I know if I have a scorching case of Chlamydia, I would want EVERYONE to know about it.

    Tricia sucks in general for spelling “girl” as “gurl”. People who do that seriously irk me.

  12. Does anybody know what the 269 in brackets behind Ashley’s name signifies? I really want to get to the bottom of why she’s not having sex at present, and since her profile pic is pixellated, I have to start with other clues.

  13. Oh, it’s part of her actual status update. The mystery deepens.

  14. It means she copy and pasted her status from

  15. Thanks tramper. Well, that’s already a solid indication of why her social status is the way it is, I think!

  16. Yeah Antarctic Circle, sadly there is no mystery, it just means she’s unoriginal and stole it from someone else on another website.

  17. And someone already explained it, rendering my post useless. Woops. Anyway…

  18. Cheers mittens!

  19. Last time I got pregnant with an STD I called it Herpes. Wonder what delightful moniker this little bundle of joy will be saddled with. I quite like the sound of Gonorrhoea. It has a ring to it.

  20. @Jelly

    It’s funny you say that. In high school I used to joke around about how chlamydia sounded like a girl’s name and if it wasn’t an STD, I might have used the name if I were ever to have a daughter. I actually didn’t even think about that until I read your post. Wow. Apparently, I am totally fucked in the head.

  21. @Dr. Hymen.
    Not totally fucked in the head. It sounds kind of like a Greek version of Chloe?

    Nevertheless, don’t do it. Just please.

  22. @Antarctic Circle and @mittens

    this wasnt my status, it was something i posted on a friends wall because she’s currently giving up sex…this has nothing to do with me!

  23. First one is identical to a post in textsfromlastnight…

  24. @ shakethis
    Thats because it’s meant to be from textfromlastnight hence the number (269) before it. The person obviously found it funny and posted it on facebook alot of people do that… Also it may have related to them.

  25. @eatsomeshit – I figured it had nothing to do with you personally, I didn’t realize it was a wall post though. Meh.

    @shakethis – You could have at least skimmed the comment section before posting something like that to make sure 5 other people hadn’t said it already. Cause like, 5 people said that already.

    @Dr. Hymen – You’re not fucked in the head, I’ve definitely had that conversation about the word chlamydia before. It just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? It totally sounds like a name.

  26. more people need to be on birth control. jesus.

  27. “she was about to leave him”… so, she was thinking about it, but she hadn’t actually left him yet (and she was still having sex with him). That is both funny and very sad. What else exactly did the guy have to do for her to take the decision? Nuke the whole neighbourhood?

  28. If you can’t feed them ,don’t breed them.

  29. Apologies, eatsomeshit (#22), for stepping on your toes. Though I’ll only ever mean to step on virtual toes, and not real toes. Not as if there’s need to explain, but anyway, part of the appeal of lamebook is that we don’t know each other. And we’re just here to share in the fun provided by anonymously posted submissions, and the scenarios presented to us – without worrying about context too much. So nothing is directed to you as a person. Apologies, nonetheless.

    (And if something I post on facebook makes it to lamebook one day, I’ll view it in the same light.)

  30. insert clever name here

    So how long is the gestation period for an std?

  31. ^ As long as it takes for the burning to stop.

  32. I wish i was a redneck so i would have the socially acceptable status to name my daughter Chlamydia. It sounds so purrrdy

  33. My sister’s WorldOfWarcraft character is named Chlamydia.

    She only chose that name to see what she could sneak by the program that scans names for obscene words. The program didn’t notice, and she’s gonna keep using that name until one of the other players rats her out.

  34. A friend’s father used to give all of us girls unusual nicknames. One of the girls got the nickname “Psoriasis.”

  35. @ Dr Hymen. Lmao, was thinking exactly the same thing.

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