Friday, April 27, 2012


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  1. Only in LA would this be fake…this is in LA

  2. Chelsea is wrong. Shirtless homeless people lying on the side of the street can be seen in all major metropolitan areas.

    Mike is correct.

  3. Ok seriously last week a naked drunk homeless guy was running across the interstate 29 in South Dakota and was hit and killed…. the kicker, the guy who hit him was driving drunk…

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ What do you think of this story T1000.

  5. Isn’t this a repost? I swear I’ve seen this on this site before.

  6. Chelsea does not sound at all like one of those silly, stupid, pretentious teenage girls who only think about themselves.

  7. Dookey Smoothy Buns, I think it is fake.

  8. vikesgal .. yes, but was the driver also naked? That’d be a double kicker, eh.

  9. Is that true vikesgal? What would the moral of that story be? What you love will be the death of you?

  10. Sadly the driver was fully clothed and yes its true was up by brookings SD

  11. It’s really nice that you gave me the exact location 😀

  12. Incorrect vikesgal. That is fake.

  13. Because finding things that are fake on lamebook is a perfect way to live your lives, right?

  14. Criticising those that do is also a perfect way to live your **life**

  15. To say how many people follow Lamebook it’s properly disappointing how many people comment.

  16. Imaharj, I will run you over with a truck. You are fake.

  17. what the fuck is a harj anyway?

  18. T1000 the accident I was referring to is real the lamebook submission I have no idea, ksfy and keloland both ran the local story about the DUI that killed the drunk naked “transient”

  19. Vikesgal, no. Its fake.


  21. Someone that is fake and will be run over by a truck.

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    That’s not quite true, Mike. Most large cities dehumanise people who live there to the point that they wouldn’t stop to help their own grandmother’s. Hell, in London people would think “that guy has clearly hurt himself” and still not stop to help. In Paris people would think “I hope that guy has hurt himself; it would serve him right”. Except they’d think it in French, I guess.

  23. should use homeless ppl for testing instead of using mice

  24. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    See, that would give them a purpose in life and make them feel like part of the community.

  25. I like you people.

  26. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    I like you too OlyveOil. You will be my bf

  27. Swear? Forever?

  28. You lied to me.

  29. #24, drwithereduptacklefelloff…i like to make the homeless feel valued, too.
    when they ask me for money, i insist they sing me a song or do a little dance. that way they have actually earned the money and i think it helps them keep their dignity intact.

  30. MsAnneThrope, how do you find the time to talk to the homeless when you’re always posting meaningless comments on sites such as this one in an effort to be somewhat relevant?

  31. relevant to fucking who?

    Please refrain from spouting ignorant bs on here.

  32. no no no msanne he wasn’t talking about fucking anyone or it’s relevance (christ girl, mind in the gutter or what?), he was talking about oh…something else

  33. If one were not allowed to post “ignorant bs on here,” you would have nothing to do with your pointless day , Ms. Thrope.

  34. You’re shit. Boring shit, at that.

  35. ^ are you talking to me, or DoingTheMost, or…*gasp*…BOTH of us??
    you’re getting kind of lazy, msanne. you keep saying the same thing, msanne. which is funny because you’re accusing of others of being boring but that’s all you’re saying yourself…which is…boring.
    i can see, you’re nearly finished. the fight is almost completely gone out of those eyes.
    you should train more cardio. no really. happy to give you a regime to get started, msanne! i’m here to help.

  36. meh.

  37. alright msanne, i can see you’re keen!
    ok now you need to make sure you’re not eating solid food in the morning, msanne, ok? otherwise it’ll get messy when we hit those cardio walls. 25g of WPI and 25g of casein to start with in a shake, that’s all. you’re allowed a solid lunch. but no dinner either. you’re a little flabby i reckon.
    do you like indoors or outdoors msanne? i reckon to start with, if you’re gonna go outdoors, we start with a 1.2k run up about a 30 degree incline, just to get the heart really going. then about 5ks of a good run, yeah?
    if you’re more the “gym monkey” kinda gal, i reckon we get you on the crosstrainer. best cardio machine mate. turn that shit up to about 10-12 and crank that for 45 mins at about 22km/h
    it’s great to get a start on this with you, msanne. i can see you’re ready to turn over a new leaf.

  38. Hey, that reminds me. Does anyone know why Aus road signs have started showing inclines in percentages instead of degrees? It makes. no. fucking. sense. and is pissing me off to the extreme.

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