Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

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  1. OH fucking snap damn dilly yo…Meghan deserves a medal of burn win.

    Ben, Steeeeeeever, Frodo, Frodo’s pool, first.

  2. Itteh bitteh Patrick just got fucking burned committeh.

  3. ‘I’m almost embarassed this is how you had to find out!’

    Wow, Meghan, I’m impressed. You’ve figured out how to be a bitch on more levels than Leonardo DifuckingCaprio.

  4. That’s an Inception joke.


  5. I fucking love how you fucking insert the word ‘fuck’ into other motherfucking words like a champifuckingon.

  6. So is Patrick saying he is going to masturbate WITH his tears? That would be one kinky night. Sick bastard.

  7. Last time I saw Meghan she was not something to have in front of you buns up kneeling….I think it was the movie and chocolate chip cookie intake to bailing on dates ratio that did her in. Patrick? She did you a favor.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I really hope this HEY-O thing catches on.

  9. ^^
    Wow, um, wow. No burn win for Meghan. Maybe she wins an Indian (sorry) burn on her boob.

    Meghan sounds like the kind of girl who gets hit on a lot and goes on many dates, so she feels like she can treat people like dirt.

  10. @cherry cola.

    I think it’s what’s called a Boo Tug.

  11. cookpassbabtridge

    Aw, poor Patrick. His story is a right tear jerker….

  12. Wow, what a bitch.

  13. bitch. hope she never gets a boyfriend the way she treats guys.

  14. Fuckin’ A ..

  15. @11

    haaaaaaa excellent! superb.

  16. @9 are you a female Nice Guy™ or just fat?

  17. I dunno why but I think it was staged. However, Jesus Christ they are perfect for each other!!! o.O Why didn’t one of them go over to the other’s place and just pig out, watch movies, and masturbate together… or, heaven forbid, fuck each other? What a couple of dorks. :/

  18. I agree with Shelley on this one. Set up.

  19. Poor Patrick. 🙁 Meghan – this is why men say all women are evil! Don’t make it worse for the rest of us!

  20. Poor Patrick? The only way he could be a bigger pussy is if he was He-Man’s cat.

  21. Why name your daughter Meghan? Are you stocking up for a bitch shortage or something? Ba da dum dum.

    10 points to whoever knows where that line came from. 🙂

  22. Bahahaha. Nice one!

  23. MsBuzz, at first glance, I thought you’d written “Maybe she wins an Indian (curry) burn on her boob”. For a just a second you had me thinking you’re a little bit twisted.

    Yes, I’m still watching you.

  24. Meghan asks us not to judge, but i just can’t help but appraise the heartless, caffeine swilling, smart mouthed fuck pig.

    ‘at least your night is ending the same as it would have if i didn’t cancel’

    ‘No…no it’s not…I don’t see myself burying a disfigured sexually abused corpse do you?!’

  25. haha! Well, she definitely deserves that too.

  26. awesome!

  27. sexclamationpoint56

    she burned him dirty. but seriously he needs to get some man pants cuz if that was me i woulda told her to stop being a lil bitch and get off her high horse and let IT fuck her. cuz with that bitchiness no one will touch her with a ten foot pool, except for the horse.

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yes the horse, who happens to have a ten foot pole.

  29. sexclamationpoint56

    yes, it was a penis joke

  30. Got to love it when the kids say “don’t judge me”.

  31. Patrick, Patrick – you had it won man. She looked like a cold-hearted bitch cozying in for a night of binge-and-purge. You had the sympathy vote going for you, then you went and fucked it all up. Quit while you’re ahead boy, and next time you can your night with sympathy sex instead of the ol’ boo tug (thanks #10).

  32. @31 some guys don’t care to sound bitter and would prefer to sound funny instead. Plus there are probably more potential dates hanging around Megan’s FB. If he looks like a huge doucher, he’s not getting any of that. It’s strategy.

  33. Wow, I just read the rest of the comments, there are a bunch of angry bitter divorcees or virgins here. LOL.

  34. Anyone else thinks this just sounds fake?

  35. @sexclamation

    Frodo doesn’t have a ten foot pool.

  36. sexclamationpoint56

    haha i didnt even realize i spelled it wrong. so i meant pole. now it makes a little more sense.

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