Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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  1. #1. My stategy has worked! That Aussie girl is so incredibly sexy and not fake! Go
    tta love Australia

  2. Hank, you are fake.

  3. Why do bitches gotta attack the other girl? Or in this case, girls? The only person that’s fair to have any expectations of loyalty is your man, and you’re probably the more stupid hoe for expecting that from this obvious douche bag.

  4. I woke up and discovered my wife was having sex with another man, and I was crushed. So I said, “Get off of me, you two!”

  5. who is cruel enough to name their kid Rasmus? sounds like a rasta christmas

  6. I’ve got me a question. So all those chicks are “stupid hoes” for getting played by this guy? She’s not? Just because she was the first to realize she was getting played? And why is she mad at them? I’d be more mad at the dude who had a 100% chance of know he was in a realtionship rather than the girls who probably didn’t.

  7. #5 damn funny

  8. @5: Rasmus is highly popular boys’ name in the Nordic countries.

  9. Is this Rasmus Lehing? Or is it someone else. God, I want to see how amazingly attractive this guy must be for him to be pulling this kind of shit.

  10. I think it is Rasmus Lehing.

  11. This girl is the queen of butt-hurt. Get over it, toots, you obviously aren’t that important to him.

  12. 9 & 10 you’re quite stalkers!
    Yes he seems cute and it’s not hard anyway to drag girls into that kind of crap.

  13. I don’t think it’s the right Rasmus. Rasmus Lehing = estonian. Doesn’t make sense that he would chat in danish, since those two languages differs quite a lot.

  14. (since the they differs quite a lot, it would be strange to know both languages, while knowing both swedish and danish (as an example) is quite common since they’re pretty similar)

  15. Rasmus Dingle Dehlendorff

  16. as much as I am currently hating on myself for reading that bunch of shit, I am still left wondering if she kicked him out or she intends to make his forced contrition into a long-term project?

  17. Good on ya girl! I woulda done pretty much the same thing if I ever knew the names of the skanks my bloke was banging. Sadly I never found out.

  18. The only stupid ho here is the bitch who posted all that. She’s the one spending all her time and anger on the girls rather than the guy who fucked them or flirted with them. It only makes you look bad when you don’t know where to place the blame.

  19. ^like you

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Why would anyone want to advertise the fact that their sexual performance is so poor that they can’t keep their partner satisfied enough to prevent them shopping around elsewhere?

  21. I like her chirpy delivery.

  22. ^ I agree, frank. I commend the dumb bitch for at least using spelling/grammar/spacing/paragraph rules. I do agree with the consensus here though: she should probably blame her retard ex, rather than all the chicks he pulled the same shit on.
    But I just stopped caring.

  23. This is… genuis. It’s not ONLY their fault. I would have knocked the hell out of Rasmus.

  24. I Can write yall a sex message in Danish 😉 but that would be a faul Way to abuse my lanuage..

  25. BorderlineDane

    after her rant everyone think danes are easy….. well….
    we are……. so it´s okay

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