Monday, April 15, 2013


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  1. fuck u! who ever posted this shit!

  2. “fuck u! who ever posted this shit!

    your gay dad who touched you last night

  3. I used to have a POS Pantech that would drop calls without warning, and I’d be explaining something and then all of a sudden the darn thing would ring in my ear because the person called back. It was annoying as hell.

  4. The Lamebook comments section appears to have been taken over by children.

    I urge the following to make more posts to balance things up: Beatus, Capn’Jaques, Frankenstein, Bacchante, Hannibal Lecture, and fuck it, even MsAnthrope, as well as any other long-term commentators I’ve missed out.

    Lamebook needs you to repel the retards.

  5. sǝʎ^

  6. It’s ridiculous. It’s like they’re competing to can tally the most thumbs down.

  7. And if you dislike #4, chances are you’re apart of the group he’s talking about.

  8. DanR,

  9. Your

  10. Wish

  11. Is granted.

  12. I’m willing to bet it wasn’t Harrison himself who said this, but the guy or girl next to him.

  13. Oh dear, wrong post.

  14. This might have made sense before Call Waiting was invented in the 1970s…

  15. #14 … no… you can’t be that fucking obtuse to have missed the point of this post. It’s. Just. Not. Possible. Unless you’re being “hipster ironic” in which case, die in a fire, you fucking hipster.

  16. DanR, I will answer the call.

  17. DanR, your post has left me feeling like the fat kid waiting to be chosen for the team. 🙁

  18. Well shit, what about me? I may not comment that often, but I’m an original. MsAnne used to rip me a knew one on a regular basis, and I liked it. I’ve just learned to save my comments for the important stuff i.e. combos, Harry Potter, and the life-long struggle of who should be Lord of Lamebookshire.

  19. I read the comments bit from time to time DanR and I agree. It used to be all about a good bit of bitchin’ but now it’s all about the thumbs.

  20. No one really comes up with anything original anymore. I’m just here for the stress relief

  21. Definitely need more input from Bacchante and Capn tho, some of their comments are fucking golden .

  22. Sugartits, LostDog, Crusty – please join the party. I was just naming a few off the top of my head who were posting here when I showed up in 2010. Like I said, we need more comments from the old guard.

    …as opposed to the likes of comments #1 and #2.

  23. No love or Hermaeus Mora?

  24. ^ Only self love for you. Sorry.

  25. Feeling left out for not being recognized as a regular lamebook poster. Lame indeed. Well played, people.

  26. Herm & Ripley – Apologies. I can’t name everybody! Like I said it was a few off the top of my head. Besides it’s not up to me who posts here, just do it 🙂

  27. Don’t forget the gay.

  28. Quit being a bitch DanR! I’m happy you didn’t name me and all of the other ones. Don’t apologize to those turdwads. Besides, you’ve commented more than me and all of them combined haha

  29. It’s feelin a little gay up in hurrr

  30. I have plenty of arms so self love will not be an issue here

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