Friday, March 15, 2013

Bustin’ Out

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  1. Not bad.

  2. I told you this workout will have your glutes bursting out in no time.

  3. It’s like the total opposite to a Lady Gaga outfit.

  4. People with runs- tired of taking off your pants and putting them back on every time nature calls? Now introducing- the special ‘diarrhea pants’.

  5. I see a crack.

  6. Nice cleavage! Oh, wait…

  7. There oughtta be a law.

    Wait, there is!

    And that’s a dude.

  8. ^whoever reads that will scroll up to make sure it’s not a guy

  9. Shit happens

  10. Not bad at all..

  11. The perils of wearing skin-tight clothing.

  12. Dickies new pant line… Assies!

  13. Must be cut like that for spontaneous games of Peek’a’poo.

  14. That must have been a bloody big fart…

  15. Yo Eazy, why you wear yo pants like that?

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