Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can’t Beat the Street

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  2. This is extra funny to me because I live in Austin so as soon as he said Rundberg and 35 I knew he was talking about the spot where hookers and crackheads hang out.

  3. That’s great. And I like how she had to ask what type of job it was, because it’s not that hard to figure out.

  4. It just goes to show how oblivious we can be when we want something. Tunnel-vision is dangerous.

  5. Should we call him an Alexander Named Slickback?

  6. Hey Lamebook, fuck your popups.

    This was okay. I am dying of heatness now so done. When I go out to Florida I’m going to die.

  7. O.K. – what is the deal with people complaining about popups?

  8. People are getting popups and don’t like it.

  9. That was funny. I like the way Alexander just keeps her coming back for more.

  10. HotAtheistChick

    Who lives in Austin and doesn’t know what goes on @ Rundberg & 35?! lol. That being said… Teal hair? This is why I heart Austin! <3

  11. I shall call you Alexander the Great.

  12. British, you’re right. I’m in FL and the heat index today is 104º F! Brace yourself!

  13. She won’t dye her hair black to find a job, but she is willing to walk 100’s of miles. Interesting, priorities are interesting.

  14. Okay, seriously? It’s Austin. Anyone will hire a teal haired girl. go to Magnolia Cafe, or Kerbey Lane, or even the Yogurt Spot. It’s expected to have an unnatural hair color in the great city of Austin. That’s why we love and cherish it so much.

  15. what does “technically a second job” mean? Either the first one isn’t a real job or the second one isn’t a real job?! I want one of those types of jobs!

  16. Alexander FTW! That is great.

  17. Come on Kianna, Austin is practically overrun with small businesses, head shops, grow shops, garden stores, and family run restaurants that LOVE to hire people who stand out in a crowd. I myself have purple hair, haven’t had
    ‘normal’ hair in years, and have had no trouble finding a fantastic job. And you’re obviously brilliant, so….

  18. @eelpie do you have a Mac? I’ve gotten one pop-up since coming to the site, but no problems since. Maybe that’s why you haven’t had a problem with it?

    Anyone else notice the text faintly in the background? I’ve never seen that before… and it’s screwing with my head.

    Alexander sounds like a pretty reasonable pimp! Medical benefits (when earned), dental benefits, phone…what a GREAT sounding job!
    I really hope Alexander IS actually a pimp. That would make this 100x better.

  19. @bry: Yeah, I noticed it, too. It’s trippy.

  20. I was studying with an open book when I saw it, so I thought it was just the reflection, but never mind….

  21. why is there chinese writing why why why

  22. I love my hometown.

    And the fact that the second he said Rundberg and 35, I knew exactly where the comment was going. Except, my mind went all the way to crackwhore.

    Also, I agree wholeheartedly with dawnstarr and lamurphen. Bitch ain’t tryin’. If she has teal hair, it’s not like she’s been working office jobs and suddenly can’t find work due to her hair situation. Even in Austin, most office jobs require your hair to be a “naturalish” color. Teal doesn’t fall into that category.

  23. Teal could work if your from Avatar.

    I’m not from Austin….but I could see where he was going with the scenario/job offer

  24. One more comment: This is seriously why I love Austin. You can’t go to any business whatsoever without someone being pierced, inked, in drag, or with crazy hair. Oh, and we can’t forget the epic beards. Even shops on SoCo like Big Top where all the kids go have some crazy looking people, which is why Austin is so amazing.

  25. And out of all of the accomplishments in my life I’ve wanted I never thought one of my friends would decide to exploit one of my moments of stupidity on Lamebook. Dreams do come true.

    And in my own humble defense… it’s not that I’m not trying to get a job. I’m currently out in Lake Travis, which anyone from Austin would know is the rich bitch part of the Travis county much like West Lake (we have a freakin’ yacht club, need I say more?) so the people in around this part are pretty effing conservative. I had been kind of dabbling around here out west with little luck (and lack of general interest in what was available for that matter). My father urged me to dye my hair to a normal color to increase my chances of a call back… upon buying the dye and looking in the mirror at my bright green hair with a girlie sense of admiration I said FUCK IT and remembered I lived 15 minutes away from one of the greatest and most unique cities ever. It’s not that I haven’t been trying- in fact I have three job interviews come Monday. Although I will assure you they are NOT from Magnolia’s or Kerbey Lane or a head shop as everyone and their fucking mom wants to work there and usually only get their foot in the door for such things when they have a close friend already working there. And even then they’re usually waiting on someone to quit. For example my friend Billy just passed the 5 step interview process at Planet K, his roommate having been employed there for a while now (which surely helped him with his call backs as Planet K managers tend to get to stoned before they make the calls XP). He’s hired, but still waiting as they are over staffed.

    Furthermore I don’t know what goes on at 35 and Runberg for the fact that I kind of have a loathing for the North side of Austin and tend to steer away from it. Central and southside is where I’m usually at.

    And Ms.BuzzKill, I don’t mind walking around down town and getting some effing exercise to find a job that doesn’t mind the teal hair. I’m actually an alternative model and fire performer, my hair is just another aspect of what sets me apart as a performer. And for the record, I didn’t have to walk far :p

    And no, Alex (AKA DJ Ducttape) is NOT a pimp (although I’m sure he likes to pretend) He’s just an asshole DJ friend of mine who is absolutely notorious for trolling the FUCK out of everyone he knows. Good times. 🙂

  26. The big dream of teenagers where you live…is to work in a head shop?

  27. Well actually the wide majority of people working in head shops are ages 21-24, at least the people I know of. It’s not exactly a “dream” but a nice experience most in Austin wouldn’t mind having. It’s a cool little job for people living in Austin. Not to mention the wide majority of people in Austin are 4:20 friendly :p

  28. I’m so glad this got posted! Not my best work, but the 300+ “Likes” make it all worth while.

  29. Dude Alex were you the one who submitted it?

  30. What the frick is a head shop??!!

  31. Actually Kianna, I didn’t even know this site existed until Jack showed me this post. Either way, epic win.

  32. 8======D thats a penis bitch

  33. I just threw up.

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