Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can’t Unsee

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  1. #EvenCamelCaseWouldntHelpYourShittyHashtagWhichIsNeitherFunnyNorPoignantSoSTFUandGTFO

  2. Ashley needs anal. Get in line, and take a number, folks.

    That’s all I could see, too. It’s like the old Jack In The Box logo with the O and the X that made a fish. After I was told about it, all I could ever see was Jack In The B(fish).

  3. Facebook needed hash tags like she needs another one in her butt.

  4. don’t we all, don’t we all?

  5. all the time friends should give you anal, no? silly girl!

  6. Ashley just wanted that friendship to build so she can get some from behind. Poor thing.

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  8. Friendships are built on trust, in the same way that patios are built on the remains of ex-wives.

  9. Hmmmm…..seems to me that Crystal is the one with anal on the brain. Just sayin’.

  10. Crystal, your Freudian slip is showing, Hon.

  11. Isn’t a Freudian slip when you say one thing when you’re actually thinking about a mother?

  12. ^Can’t unsee

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