Monday, May 6, 2013

Cap Commands

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  1. At least he’s not wearing his sunglasses on his forehead

  2. Douche.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    In all fairness, there’s clearly someone sitting right behind him, wearing a hat correctly, doing the exact same thing.
    So I’m going to cut this douche a break.

  4. Watch the game, not the douche.

  5. beatusmongous

    The best thing about going to a sporting event is watching the fans.

  6. Nothing wrong with wearing your sunglasses on your forehead, especially if you’re indoors. Wearing sunglasses inside is just silly.

  7. Fashion over function, people. Never forget it. You wouldn’t want to end up looking like an idiot.

  8. Must be a foreigner…his hat (or any other apparel for that matter) doesn’t match the team colours everybody else is wearing.

  9. Maybe he’s just showing the person next to him how tall the alien was that abducted him and stole his brain.

  10. @Carib, I wonder if he’s a visitor sitting on the home side, or vice versa?

  11. Either way, beatus, he better not be starting any shit.

  12. Is the OP suggesting he wear it sideways? Because that’s where it appears the sun is hitting him.

  13. Typical douche Crusaders fan. They so think they’re better than everyone else. @8, that would be ’cause he’s a Crusaders supporter watching them at Brumbies home ground at the weekend. Brumbies lost. #Super15Rugby

  14. beatusmongous

    ^ This isn’t Twitter.

  15. Looking like a d’bag is way more important than preventing skin cancer.

  16. Should have had a look at his shoes. They probably had R and L stickers on them.

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