Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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  1. Fake.

  2. (1)^

  3. I fucked Michelle (1). she waxed her vagina (10).

  4. Wow I wonder who submitted Michelle’s post. “Professional young woman”?

    Yea, elementary education/nursing isn’t professional in any respect except fucking finger painting/wiping asses.

  5. ^(1)?

  6. @4 – What do you do, cashin? Man the other side of the glory hole at the local gay bar?

  7. Because hair in the vagina is a real problem. (25)

  8. Porn star IS considered a profession.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I don’t really understand the first one. Are we supposed to think that the guys are dumbasses? Because I think all three of them are dumbasses. Also; are we supposed to just automatically know what a ‘huddle house’ is? Not everyone understands your American idioms.

  10. No, but you are supposed to automatically know how to use Google, you cunt.

  11. Not an idiom, it’s a restaurant name, but you probably couldn’t figure that out by the fact it was capitalized and she said he was a fucking cook there. But not everyone understands your country’s lack of reading comprehension skills.

  12. OK I’ll explain for you deprived non americans. Love huddle house, best cow testicles and cockroach soup in the south. I envy the guy his job, It’s highly coveted. Now that he’s made the big time, michelle probably friended him because he was her one that got away.

  13. Hey, guess what, professional young woman? You can now delete comments as well as friends from Facebook. Amazing, I know.

  14. My awesome skills of deduction tell me that professional=stripper. They frequent huddle/waffle houses after work. It makes perfect sense.

  15. I’m an American, and I’ve never heard of Huddle House before. Some things are regional, like In ‘n’ Out Burger.

  16. Whereas In’n’Out Sausage is universal.

  17. Sausage and eggs. Don’t forget the eggs.

  18. Hey beatus, you live in/near Vegas, don’t you? Could you go see Evil Dead: The Musical and report back to me with your review?
    That shit sounds awesome.

  19. I’m looking it up now. Perhaps I can go get an interview with one of the actors or something.

  20. ^even better if you could illicitly camcord the entire show and upload a torrent, thanks.
    use a tripod, or something, if you could, though? I get the feeling that you probably shake like a wet dog.

  21. My cameras are way too big to go unnoticed, and so are my tripods.

  22. Fuck off.

  23. haha. noobsource has tripod-envy.

  24. Hey Cashin! When you get done with your next gay john I’d like to tell you about being a nurse. I have been a registered nurse for 25 years. I work in surgery doing orthopedics and sports medicine, Yeah, I wipe an occasional ass, but it’s worth it to help people… even dumbfucks like you.

  25. I’m very glad we were only subjected to Marigel’s ‘before’ pic.

  26. Some people really know how to use facebook.

  27. Some people really know how to use Lamebook.

  28. you can ‘use’ lamebook? how? to prop up a wobbly table leg or something?

  29. No, I meant ‘use’.
    Like: to hurl generalized insults at other and feel better about yourself because of your keen wit and superior sense of sarcasm and cynicism. That, combined with the lack of moderation or filters by the sharp minds in their mother’s respective basements running this fabulous site, and we’ve got ourselves a real tool you can use here!
    Plus grow stupider and more stupider. I done forgot ta put dat up dere.

  30. not helping with my wobbly table dilemma….and my arms are getting tired.

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