Friday, September 3, 2010

Child Support

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  1. I’d never love my child if he was fat. Ugh

  2. Love him enough to let him eat 26 chicken nuggets; nice parenting. Still cracked me up though!

  3. sarah ftw

  4. Bill, that’s exactly why he loves them so much. Duh.

    It is weird when you see and hear of women who breastfeed their kids until they’re toddlers and beyond. I think that says a lot about the mother. That being, the mother is a nut.

    I agree, alord, Sarah is funny. I love that.

  5. Word, I was cut off from breastfeeding at a normal age and still love boobies. I am pretty sure his oddball breastfeeding had nothing to do with it.
    Also I don’t know why Mark was concerned that the guy’s girlfriend would see that he loves her boobs. And wouldn’t she know this already?

  6. Goddammit. This reminds me of when I was at KFC yesterday…and this fucking ridiculously fat family was sitting in the corner… and their one kid had to be no older than 4 and he was literally…LITERALLY waddling because he was so fat.

    Welcome to America. Fail.

  7. mad2physicist, I was not breastfed. I am female. I love boobs. So, yes, it makes absolutely no difference.

  8. 26 chicken nuggets? and she only thinks he is full? She is way too young to be a parent.

  9. I keep hearing the Red Stripe guy in my head: “It’s boobs. HOORAY BOOBS!”

  10. Nobody likes fat kids.

  11. Amen, kal.

  12. Perhaps if Dustin had been breastfed until age 6 – or breastfed at all – he wouldn’t be fat, seeing as how it lowers the risk of obesity.

  13. The win goes to Bill. He had to share his wife’s tatas with his son for all those years, then a couple years later the little, ungrateful punk brags about how he’s moving on. Good job of keeping that ego in check Bill.

  14. I do find Sarah’s comment amusing, but at the end of the day, it’s her fault he’s fat. She’s the one letting him eat a shitload of nuggets. Good one, Sarah – setting your kid up for a lifetime of fat hell.

    The breastfeeding vs bottle feeding debate rages on. It’s sooooo boring. The benefits of this, the benefits of that, blah blah…

    As for it lowering the risk of obesity? Hmmm…

  15. There are studies indicating it does, but I was being sarcastic anyway. The whole “normal age of quitting breastfeeding” is such a ridiculous argument that I was deliberately going in the other direction.

  16. I would think that when it gets teeth (the baby) that’s a good time to stop and as for the few born with teeth… sorry for them!

  17. Saffer, true, some young babies have teeth. You know, there’s a saying that kind of goes like this… “if the kid can ask for it, they’re too old to have it”.

    Well, that’s my feeling. I’ve seen older kids feeding at their mother’s breasts. It’s disturbing. Freaking nutbag mothers.

  18. Oh man, we let our kid have twenty six chicken nuggets and he’s crying. Sick of it. This was JUST what I was talking about when we gave him that really sharp knife to play with and he was screaming and bleeding for AGES. Did my fucking nut in. Stupid little shit.

  19. Meh, 6 isn’t that young to still be breastfeeding.

  20. I figure college is a good time to wean. Unless they go to a local college, then you can visit every few hours.

  21. Every Mother’s Day I ask if I can return to the well, and every time my mommy says her bags are dry. But during our Holiday threesome, I see my daddy sucking on her nipples like a blind kitten. I think she’s holding out on me.

  22. have fun cleaning up the 26 nugget puke…

  23. yeah @ #1….why would you post that??? middle school all over again. #2, wtf why would you overfeed a kid like that????? crazy people..

  24. Sarah needs to be shot in the face. Letting her kid eat so much he’s sick and distressed? And yet people soil themselves on the spot if a woman has a cigarette when she’s pregnant.

    And Bill is clearly a very bitter old man. Lol @ Bill. Lol all the way.

  25. Holy shit. I didn’t even know it was possible to breastfeed a child until he is six. Don’t your boobs usually stop producing milk before then? Oh well…. At least he was potty trained before then. I hope.

    On a side note I’ve never really met a normal person named Adam. But that’s just me.

  26. yournutx I once read a case on a child who was breastfed until he was 14! But seeing as I frequent sites like this one, don’t quote me on that. I don’t think breastmilk stops until the mother stops breastfeeding, that’s how babies born in a famine survive.

    Word, I like the talking thing

  27. Saffer is correct, you will continue to produce milk until you stop. You can even breast feed if you’ve never given birth, women who adopt can go on hormone treatments and they will produce milk…

  28. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the taste of breastmilk isn’t very appealing to me. I was breastfed as a baby, but I don’t attribute that to my love for the upper half of the female human body though.

  29. sigh…and people wonder why the american population is obese. here, little child! go gorge yourself on processed meat! and if you throw up, that just means you’re enjoying it twice as much!

  30. 26 nuggets?gross,why are people allowed to have kids?

  31. teo, I love that link.

    Dragnorok, I agree, it doesn’t taste that nice. It’s watery, and very very sweet. I’m sure many people have tasted it. Some time ago, my sister had expressed some breast milk and put it in the fridge. My dickhead brother-in-law used it in his coffee. He later said he didn’t know, but knowing him, I’m sure he did.

    ohbabybaby, I’ve no problem with most people having kids. Go for it, I say. The spawn of some will one day be great people. It’s the parents like Sarah who need a major ass-kicking. Over-feeding a kid is just another form of child abuse.

  32. Word, I am pretty sure everyone, male (like me) or female, loves boobs. I mean, they’re just fantastic. What’s not to like?
    And yes, Sarah should have cut the kid off. Six fuc@ing nuggets is plenty.

  33. Interesting. I suppose I shouldn’t be that suprised, considering I heard a while ago that men can breastfeed too.


    Only if you have a strong stomach

  35. Yournutx, I seem to recall that both males and females have mammary tissue. However, in men there is usually no or minimal milk production due to hormones. I’m not sure if the hormones also prevent the mammary tissue from developing the ability to lactate or if they normally have the capability but just don’t because of the hormonal dearth.
    Bear in mind that I am speaking from rough memory here. But I am sure men have mammary tissue. I know male rats do.

  36. mad2physicist, you’re correct about the tissue…Men can develop breast cancer they’re just not as likely to as women.

  37. I actually now this Sarah girl and she had her son Dustin when she was a freshman in high school. She is a totally unfit mother and she should have given the kid up for adoption.

  38. Jesus Christ on a stick.
    I feel sorry for some “fat kid” parents – I mean really, kids do like eating things that are bad for them. Sometimes it might be too easy to give in and let them have a chocolate bar they probably shouldn’t.
    But 26 fucking nuggets? That is negligence. Or fuckwittery. Whatever the technical term (I think it is “parental fuckwittery.” and if it’s not, it should be) some people seriously need some ECP..

  39. 6 you say?
    At least Little Britain was a joke.

  40. I <3 boobs

  41. Charlie Incognito

    klukluxklam, now I have joined the esteemed ranks of some 28 million people who have viewed and been bemused by that video.

    One of those tits is called Milkior though, which sounds like an end of level boss.

  42. I <3 Soup. He always nails it o_O

    Tried MCAT for the first time this weekend, verdict:- meh.

  43. … and what’s with the advert for the RPG that belts out a tune when I am trying to surreptitiously browse these hallowed pages while at work. NOT FUCKING COOL lamebook.

  44. Paranoid Android: Search for an extension for Firefox or Chrome called Adblock. Conveniently kills the vast majority of ads, including bloody poorly coded Flash hack-jobs that blare music like that…

    Also, nice parenting there Sarah sorta.

  45. I recommend Adblock Plus. I don’t think Adblock worked very well when I tried it, but Adblock Plus works great.

  46. Goodness the fat-hating posts are all over the place! I missed so much when I was in the hospital!

    Anyway, here is a clear example of someone who is overweight by NO FAULT OF HIS OWN. Don’t hate the kid! The kid didn’t do anything wrong! How could a mother ever question her love for her own child simply because the child is overweight?! That is probably the worst example of parenting I’ve ever seen, ever. People like that should be ashamed.

  47. By definition, harrasment and bullying is something a larger group of people does towards a smaller group of people.

    So considering the fact that most Americans are fat ignorant fucks, making fun of fat people isn’t really harrasment or bullying…..whilst in America, that is.

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