Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Unwrapped

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  1. What’s Wikileaks?
    Meh. The third one seems fake to me.

  2. hmmmmmmmmm. i like the first one.

  3. Nice. For the first time in a long time I lauged at all of these! Well done, LB. Well done.

  4. Funny, although I am not sure what the second one is referencing.

  5. Jesus already knows who’s naughty or nice, He don’t need no celestial hellfire shopping list… I think whoever made that status update needs to study their bible more, and use facebook less. Then they wouldn’t make such stupid, glaring mistakes.

    Fuckin pagan.

    Merry Godmas, everyone.

    Oh and I think wikileaks is this website that you can book last minute flights on for cheapcheapcheap prices.

  6. I’m glad my grandma is normal and doesn’t post anything about sex ever.

  7. Great job on the first one!

    Now it’s time to Google for that song!

  8. Gonzo, fuckin Idiot.
    Wikileaks is a website that collects official government documents and articles for the public to see; usually ones that government try to keep quiet.

  9. Gonzo
    Maybe if you spent more time reading up on current events instead of idiotic fairy tales from thousands of years ago. Jesus is like an imaginary friend, The thought of him comforts you but at one point you’ll have to become a big boy & live in the real world where Wikileaks is not a fucking website to book flights you mindless drone:)

  10. Oh & nice post.

  11. Wow memarie and jasmine. Just wow. Gonzo was so clearly joking it’s ridiculous that you didn’t get it. Man, you two are some bright bulbs, aren’t ya…

  12. @jasmine-

    well said.

    Also, I DON’T think Gonzo was joking… in the least.

  13. I like that you bash the CLEARLY bullshit response and call him a moron…but don’t say anything to the people that even asked what it was. Clever kids.

  14. elizabeth is so dumb

  15. Then you’re as bright a bulb as memarie and jasmine, werty.

  16. I didn’t know you and Gonzo were such great buddies lame & bimbo. I mean you must be if you totally know he was joking right? (: ahhh you guys are so cool.

  17. Well, now you know, and knowing’s half the battle.

  18. I’m pretty sure Christye is not really her grandmother.

  19. Fucking hell I’m sick of the WikiLeaks revealing Santa is a lie joke, I’ve heard it about a thousand times now.

  20. I submitted that last one! What’s weird though is that “Elizabeth” is my brother…not completely sure why they changed his name to a girl name. But yes, Christye is our grandmother.

  21. We’ve exchanged BFF necklaces and all.

  22. I dare you to replace “Santa claus” to “Michael Jackson” in the song “Santa claus is coming to town”

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