Monday, October 5, 2009

Clean Up On Lisa’s Status


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  1. What?

  2. The school system has failed this woman horribly.

  3. I disagree. This woman has horribly failed the school system.

  4. I’m surprised this woman even managed to register on Facebook, I dread to think what her “info” bit looks like!

  5. I know this asking, but has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  6. Boz, was your post supposed to be like a word jumble puzzle?

  7. Judge Rage: 4chan.

  8. I think Brandi is rather coldly trying to exploit Lisa’s compulsive / obsessive fixation with cleanliness for her own ends.

    She needs to be careful though – that ‘I be lucy’ line suggests that OCD is not Lisa’s only problem; possibly a touch of schizophrenia lurking there too . . .

  9. Is it possible that she speaks like this or just types? It would be marvellous to hear a woman speaking like this in a store, or on the street.

  10. i am a massive dick, i dont have one though, i am one

  11. WTF you all are gay.


  13. Lisa is Asian..

  14. It’s easy to clean your place when you’re ignorant and homeless, I guess.

  15. @ugh
    Why do you feel so threatened by our sexuality? It’s not like you’re even our type.
    Also, have you recently posted here using the name ‘ur dumb’? You sure sound like him. If you’re not, he could be the soul-mate you are so desperately needing in your ‘life’.

    Don’t you worry pet, we love you just the way you are – and always remember, “it’s not the nail, but the hammer you knock it in with” . . .

  16. @Judge Rage

    It’s just a joke. I’m thinking of posting that every time someone posts something that almost makes sense. When I saw that sentence on 4chan, I could almost work out what it meant. Further analysis demonstrated that I was fooling myself.

  17. i just ate a peice of nut caramel slice and now i feel ill!

  18. Lisa’s on drugs

  19. what you all talking about. i ben won dem moods wherei clean but only ones in blue moon too. i most ben too busy to clean but sumtime it just toke everything out fur somereason nd put all back where it go then go to sleep. perfectly normal. i am lucy.

  20. I can’t understand any of these posts. What language are these morons speaking? I be dey be you be we be . Dese, dat , dose, and dem. Are these posts readings from Uncle Remus?

  21. I thought lamebook was supposed to be good for a giggle…instead it makes me want to cry and be in fear of my future with illiterate people taking over the world…..aaaahhhhhggggg!

  22. Illiterate people won’t take over the world, they won’t be able to follow the signs to the whitehouse.

  23. I don’t think she meant it, but “Toke it Off” is the best moniker yet for the stoner cleaning tic… she’s not sober right. Please say she’s not sober.

  24. Paul, she is not sober…. *fingers crossed*

  25. It is possible that English is not this womans first language, therefore, you’re all a bunch of morons

  26. Am I a moron
    Because I have high standards
    of written English?

  27. @Mr Haiku

    Your first post refers
    To a post you made before.
    I looked. There is none.

  28. Ben in onethem moods
    I be lucy

  29. You are mistaken,
    I responded to hthens.
    But thanks anyway.

    I assume hthens
    Should be pronounced as aitch-thens.
    But I may be wrong

  30. Big Wiggly Style

    Definitely Asian:

  31. Can someone please translate this for me?

  32. I know the person. She is sober. Very sober, sadly. And yes, English is her native language. This is how almost all of her status updates read. Let’s just say spelling isn’t her strong point.

  33. Translation:

    Man, I have been in one of those moods where I want to clean and I took everything off of the walls from where they were, and now everything is almost clean. I don’t want to put it back up lol. There is just so much to put back. Lol. I can’t wait to get a new look for this room, but I must get back to work. I’ll be tired tonight. LOL.

    her reply:

    hehehhe. I’ll be lucky to get everything back in place before I go to bed tonight. lol. I never get in this kind of mood, maybe once in a blue moon. lol =)

  34. oh my gosh. it was like i was listening to Corky from Facts of Life read someone’s update! how do people who can’t even spell or speak correctly know how to log into facebook and actually navigate around. i’m completely perplexed.

  35. @imnotjamie: Corky was on Life Goes On, not Facts of Life. Maybe more people than just Lisa and Corky have a touch of … something.

  36. Guess white people can’t spell. Somebody needs to clean out their genepool. She must live in the suburbs with the other drop-outs. I wish white people didn’t kill the English language. *sigh* White folks.

  37. “I wish white people didn’t kill the English language.” Because ebonics did such a fantastic job of improving it….

  38. I tried crystal meth once. I imagine if there had been Facebook then, I would have posted something exactly like this.

  39. English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

  40. @ fresh style

    Yay, racism is fun!

    Imagine I said the same thing you just said, but replaced ‘white’ with ‘black’. Not cool.

  41. Doodly Do:
    Thank you so much! I was really having a hard time understanding what she meant, but you totally cleared it up for me! Haha!

  42. At this moment I wish I couldn’t read.

  43. New theory about horrible internet grammar. The people never learned to type properly and use their pointing fingers to type everything. Because of this they take every shortcut they can.

  44. WTF?? I didnt understand a thing it said

  45. I think the “toke everything” part might not be a typo…

  46. @ scampa

    No she’s obv toked everything, bitch is high as a kite..

    (obv she means took)

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