Friday, May 28, 2010

Close Enough…

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  1. Bill!! (Why should Ben get all the Kudos!!)

  2. It makes sense that someone with no grammatical skills can’t tell the difference between “Persian” and “Parisian.”

    And the singular form of “leaves” is “leave”… who knew?

  3. gay

  4. I don’t know if I’m just ready for my three day weekend to start or if this is just really lame… I’m going to go for lame though.

  5. rockinghorsefly

    Who knew REAL MEN came from Paris… (or Persia, whichever the case may be)

  6. The only semi-funny thing about this is that Sam comes in out of nowhere.

  7. @rockinghorsefly

    Sean is a cyborg, so he’s not a real man. I thought I’d clarify this since I know him IRL.

    I hope Sensible Madness doesn’t find out I said that…

  8. Way for Sam to figure out his newest lay is a retart.

  9. this post is dumb.

  10. Very dumb.

  11. dietpillpyramidscheme

    May I be the first to point out, Persia is not a country.
    It has not been for some time. “Ooh, Persia, that’s romantic!”

    No, you’re talking about a country that is a fundamentalist, Islamic totalitarian regime, accused of trying to develop nuclear weapons. Yay.

    Persia = Iran

  12. Danielle must be pretty hot…

  13. We already know that # 11, but thanks for mentioning it anyways!

  14. Sam doesn’t expect much out of his women, apparently.

  15. @#11
    yes, everyone who comes from iran is a fundamentalist who forces his wife to wear a burkha and raves about hating the west..
    get over yourself

  16. rockinghorsefly

    @Makster: Thanks for disappointing me – do you know how hard it is to find a Parisian/Persian real man?? 😉

    @stretch: Retart. lol.

  17. persian isnt that a rug

  18. @Tony

    Persian is a rug, and also a Pokémon! Evolves from Meowth, or however the feck you spell that.


    You can fool yourself as much as you like Mr. cheap wine person, but Iran is pretty much as dietpillpyramidescheme described it. But I guess it’s ok for you since you’re not a homosexual/woman/non-muslim living in Iran… Now that I’m on that note of gays in Iran, Ahmadinejad (president of Iran, in case you didn’t know) takes pride in saying that there is no homosexuality in his country. That would be because they are hanged if found to be gay. So good job on being ignorant mate!

  19. Walter Sobchak

    Why did Susan have to be such a meddling cock-blocker? Hopefully nobody will tell Danielle that Samir kills homosexuals with nucular weapons.

  20. I’m an Iranian male and I am atheist and a proponent of women’s rights and gay rights (and especially gay women’s rights ;). The level of ignorance on the subject is laughable. Does everyone from Britain reflect the views and laws of their government? Cameron is going to bring back fox hunting so then will we all automatically turn into a nation of fox murderers? If you have no knowledge on the subject or are in danger of demonstrating your level of retardation by commenting please refrain from doing so.

  21. “If you have no knowledge on the subject or are in danger of demonstrating your level of retardation by commenting please refrain from doing so.”

    But that would silence more than half of my fellow Americans – and give the world a lot less to laugh at.

  22. @Mike Hunt

    Do not DARE compare Cameron bringing back fox hunting to Ahmadinejad having gays hanged. There is no need for me to tell you what that makes you…

    The fact that your government is anti-semitic, homophobic, harbours terrorists and so on and so forth does not indeed make all Iranians those things. It seems that you didn’t vote for the current government (and will be pissed that they probably didn’t even win in the first place) but what you can’t do is deny that which is evident: that Iran systematically vulnerates human rights.

    So call people retarded as much as you want, but whilst you’re typing nonsense Iran is continuing to be a shite country by any civilised standards…

  23. Makster, pretty sure that’s not what he’s saying. He was using a British example of potential over-generalization to show the silliness of an Iranian example of the same. Exactly what’s being generalized makes no difference. I might add that he’s pretty clearly not denying that Iran has institutionalized human rights violations, or supporting them.
    In other words, calm the fuck down.

  24. Hold on, there’s a post to comment on? Oh, right, um…Danielle’s an idiot.

  25. obviously makster and dietpill have never been to los angeles. persians are basically the opposite of fundamentalist burka-wearers. not to mention half of the ones in california are jewish.

  26. “The fact that your government is anti-semitic, homophobic, harbours terrorists and so on and so forth does not indeed make all Iranians those things.”

    Good. So there was no real need for your anti-Iranian rant here, was there? You seem like such a knowledgeable fellow, so you’ve also probably heard about the anti-Ahmadinejad protests even here is the US BY IRANIANS, and how so many Iranians are embarrassed over his takeover of Iran.

    Yes, Iran is going through a horribly messy period in her(?) history, but your posts’ insinuation that Iranians, in general, are Ahmadinejad-loving, homophobic, terrorists are shockingly ignorant.

    If, however, you weren’t insinuating at that, then there was really no good reason to your rant here on Lamebook.

  27. Now if you were generalizing Pakistanis and Iraqis, THAT’D be different 😉

  28. @Adel

    In these kind of matters I won’t “calm the fuck down”, it pisses me off that people trivialise these things, which is exactly what he was doing.


    We’re talking about Iran, not Iranians as a whole. If I didn’t make that clear enough I apologise…

  29. @samwise

    My rant stemmed from Hunt deflecting from dietpill’s description of Iran. He was clearly trivialising the matter, plus calling people retarded for stating the obvious about Iran.

    I thought I was quite clear in saying that they’re not all like him, I self quote:
    “The fact that your government is anti-semitic, homophobic, harbours terrorists and so on and so forth does NOT indeed make all Iranians those things.” I’m surprised how you managed to quote me and then blatantly ignore the quote a few sentences later…

    I also mentioned the take over:
    “and will be pissed that they probably didn’t even win in the first place”
    Maybe that could’ve been clearer, but I know about it…

    Please read my posts properly before insulting me. Thank you

  30. I did read your posts properly. That’s what made me insult you. You’re welcome.

  31. what samir the persian nailing danielle has to do with the politics of iran is beyond me, dude.

  32. btw, persian is an ethnicity, iran is a country. not all iranians are persian and vice versa. most iranians who identify as “persian” outside of iran generally do not agree with islamist ideals.

  33. “what samir the persian nailing danielle has to do with the politics of iran is beyond me, dude.”

    Exactly my point. If I were to stereotype Sam(ir), I’d imagine he’s a liberal, soccer-loving dude wearing a body-hugging t-shirt. Possibly made of satin. Heh.

  34. i’d say a tight armani exchange button down, true religion jeans, and driving a blacked-out BMW. his religion is carefully pruning the hair-line along his jaw and smoking hookah at his buddy’s lounge every night.

  35. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Wait, what?
    I never attacked the PEOPLE of Iran.
    I attacked the government. I have huge respect for everyone who risked their life, protesting against the government.

    Wasn’t the use of “totalitarian facist regeime” enough for you?

    Fuck off, and stop misrepresenting my point.

  36. diet, as there was no political discussion before your post, only Sam being described as “Persian” rather than “Iranian,” it is completely logical to understand you to not only mean that “Persia = Iran” but also that, therefore, “Persian = Iranian.”

    If that is not what you meant then your comment had absolutely no point relevant to this post.

  37. dietpillpyramidscheme

    My original post was merely to point out that “Persia” is spoken of with a romanticized notion of being a charming, Eurasian country.

    It’s like saying, “Oh, let’s go for a holiday in Myanmar, I hear it’s so romantic there!”

  38. Well alright then.

  39. maybe it’s a british thing, walter.

    and i think you’re thinking burma? myanmar IS the modern name.

  40. Comment No. 12 has it right on the money – Danielle must be incredibly hot for her new ‘Parisian’ boyfriend to put up with that.

    The ex-boyfriend Sean doesn’t exactly sound like he has a genius IQ either. Of course, when you multiply a negative number by another negative number…

  41. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Yeah, Myanmar is the official name, but in this case; the average non-news following person is more likely to know ‘Burma’ for what it is.

    The implication would be that Sam told the girl he was Persian, so as to avoid the negative implications and assumptions people would have about him, by saying he was Iranian.
    I can’t say I blame him. – As was echoed in previous people’s statements, a government’s ideology does not necessarily represent that of their citizens.

  42. @samwise

    You’re clearly not very wise then…

  43. Paahaha! Mikey! I’m loving that hermaphrodite Hunt of yours 😀 yup you know who this is! You got me addicted to this site man!
    You better be reading this.

    Being me, made these comments a whole lot funnier 😉 . . .I’ll explain someday

  44. @gwang
    I would like to point out that leave is not the singular form of leaves.
    Leaf is the singular form of leaves. The phrase she was going for is “I turned over a new leaf.”

    Refer to a dictionary if you don’t believe me.

  45. PeanutButtercup

    @captainkittie I believe gwang was being ironic…

    and why would anyone want a person, no matter how good looking, if said person was dumb as a post? Just saying…

  46. I totally just reread the post and your right it was meant to be ironic. Now I feel like a huge bitch. No more commenting while tired for me.

  47. Irony != Sarcasm

  48. Actually, Bucky, verbal irony is synonymous with sarcasm. The irony in your failure to properly grasp the meaning of irony, however, is situational irony.

  49. Danielle turned a new leave. life is good.

    So you turned a new….what? Why are you telling me to leave? You were just about to tell me about something new that you turned.
    Life is good? well life is GREAT when people complete thoughts before turning them into confusing sentences…..

    guess i told her.

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