Thursday, March 11, 2010

Closed Captions

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  1. BEN. Holy Cow that last one made my day

  2. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Is that healthy for a kid’s ego? “So, whatever.”? Ouch.
    Why wouldn’t Cameron want to know if he’s bringing up someone else’s kid or not?
    Too bad if he’s not black but also blind…

  3. The only way that could have been better is if Cameron was tagged in it.

  4. The first one actually made me laugh. I guess that’s the kind of humor I have. Second one was kinda “meh”. I thought the last one was a little sad for the girl. Whoever her “real dad” is, she’s still a person. I’m always sorry for the kids when there is a lot of baby daddy drama.

  5. Cameron is probly one of those people that feels he loves his girl so much, it doesn’t matter if it’s his kid or not. He’ll probly feel differently if she ever breaks up with him and starts demanding child support.

  6. I have 2 male friends who take care of a child possibly not their own. Neither is still with the mother. The men you speak of sound like douchebags.

  7. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    *oh yeh, she’d have to be non-black for that joke to work. Fail.

    If Courtney is showing Shaneice to do fellatio (far be it from my job to rope sexual allusions into this site) then that’s one BJ you’d do well to turn down fellas. Bitch’d make a meat grinder look like a breast pump in a wet dream (Braces + Teeth = Decimated penis)…

    I’m gonna go spank a dog. Or something.

  8. I love how passive their attiude is to that situation. ‘Might not even be his, but he doesn’t really wanna take a paternity test, so whatever’.

    Feel bad for the little girl, though 🙁

  9. alright, give him the stick-DON’T GIVE HIM THE STICK.

  10. Happy (possibly) Father’s Day

  11. Non-black wtf?

    also dat baby don’t look like me… Call Maury

  12. The first was funny, kinda wrong, but still funny.

  13. My dad raised my older brother who wasn’t his. When our mom walked out on us, he told my brother (who I believe was 15 at the time), you’re my son, you can choose to go live with your mother, or you can stay with me. My brother chose to stay. When my father passed away five years ago his will stated that although he did not legally adopt my brother, he considered him his son and by rights he had first choice as to what he wanted to keep, and also a fair share of any monies left.
    I don’t feel bad for that little girl at all. Your parents HAVE to love you, her dad is choosing to love her. There’s a big difference there.

  14. The taxidermist did a great job on that mutt, I applaud his skills.

  15. It’s not the paternity of the child that makes me feel bad for her. It’s all the drama (the way the caption represents the family’s feeling on the subject) that often goes with it. Will his family accept her? will he change his mind? will the mother change her mind one day and tell some other guy he’s actually the father? I’ve seen more Maury shows than I am proud of. But also too much real life.

    The rest is just biology. I applaud a man who can look past that and love the child for who she is and not how she came to be.

  16. lol @lene! I love that video haha

  17. haha “so whatever”

  18. lol

  19. Adorable little girl! I hate ass-hats like Amy.
    @DivineMonkeyTrigger – Maybe because it doesn’t matter, she is here now and did not ask to be put into this situation. He obviously loves her and realizes that blood does not a family make.

  20. hahaha hayden FTW!

  21. that’s awesome, not ben, but this little baby’s family obviously isn’t as supportive as yours was. did anyone “so, whatever” your brother?

  22. A lot of men who get paternity tests end up really regretting it. Sure, they don’t have to pay child support anymore, but they lose the relationship with the child. The mother can deny them visitation once it comes out that the kid isn’t theirs. Once you’ve formed a bond with the kid, that’s what really matters.

    I was going to finish this off with a rant about how you shouldn’t put yourself in the situation where there are several potential baby daddies but I just don’t have the energy today.

  23. SomeRandomChick

    Obviously Cameron’s mom is a bitch. I mean sure the gf could be a trashy whore who slept with everyone and Cameron’s brother, but still. To publicly put up a picture (from a family gathering? bet that was a fun Christmas) or an infant that your son believes is his, then state that you don’t think it is, that’s pretty low.

  24. It might not be Camerons mum… it might be his current gf who’s annoyed at having to spend xmas with her bloke and a kid that’s potentially not his?
    Still, no need for that caption though!

  25. Ok, I just read it again with the whole ‘but his girlfriend says it is’
    Could be a sister
    I just hate to imagine a mum so bitchy 🙁

  26. SomeRandomChick

    You could be right, it may be a sister… either way though.

  27. On the plus side, Amy used three apostrophes correctly. Credit where credit’s due…

  28. Rowan, how was Jacob supposed to know that Nelly’s dead?

    Less teeth, Courtney, less teeth!

  29. I actually L’d O L when I read Nelly.

  30. The post with Hayden’s comment should be in some FTWinsday.

  31. I’m hoping Amy is Cameron’s wife with that attitude =S

  32. pearls-before-swine

    Love the passive-aggressive family member. “Not even sure if it’s his… so, whatever.” And all this time I thought Maury was staged…

  33. Ummm these are really old. Lamebook, why must you repost old posts when we all know you get about 10 thousand submissions a day. Shame, shame.

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