Tuesday, August 4, 2009

C’mon James…


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  1. Maybe he’s just going to get his pet rooster Dust-Bustered… or… yeah I got nothing. Keep it classy, James.

  2. Correction… “ex-fiance”

  3. LOL, yeah, CM.

  4. That’s what I was thinking, CM. Or, at the least, no more cock sucking for a while.

  5. who calls it a cock?
    it’s a DICK!!! lol

  6. yeah, that’s definitely when you’ll see “James went from “Engaged” to “Single”.

  7. Chairman Mao Groupie

    Where has my beloved Chairman Mao gone?

    I hope certain callow lamebook members haven’t discouraged him from posting his insightful and witty social commentary. We could all learn a lesson from Mr. Zedong.

    Chairman Mao: you are missed, please come back! You have at least one supporter who longs for your return.

  8. I’m a Ratcoon Groupie™ myself

  9. Geronimo Francois

    Actually, fiancee is the feminine, James.

  10. Candy Blackmail

    That’s special that he has furthered his relationship with his Carsuck.

  11. This is a solid brag.

  12. fiance* |masculine| makes it even more exciting 😉

  13. BAM! Droppin juice bombs all over the place.

  14. jay FTW

  15. I can’t believe this is real life!!!!

  16. Ah, the subtleties of James’ slang. When he says “cock sucked” he means rectum probed, and when he says “his beautifull fiance” he means his own index finger.

  17. Yay, Groupie™s!

  18. why the hell does he have the hmmm at the end.

    is he contemplating the fact that posting this on facebook that he is greatly decreasing his chance of said act happening.

  19. I wonder what she said she saw that.

  20. “cant wait” [sic] and “hmmm”?

    Sounds like James is thinking about some lotion and tissues.

  21. As lame as it is to put this on facebook, i have to admire the guy for throwing the word Beautiful in there. At least it wasn’t “…by some hos at da party”.

  22. I think you mean beautifull, as in full of beauti.

  23. I appreciate the love and admiration that has been directed to myself within the Comments section of this entry. As I am a man of modest means, I truly an humbled by such remarks and can only extend a hand of friendship and need when you desire it to be so.

    As it pertains to the entry itself, James is a man that is truly infatuated with the woman that he desires. It is sometimes hard to find somebody that pleases you not only physically but intellectually and spiritually. It is apparent that his fiancee fulfills his physical needs and hopefully he reciprocates this satisfaction. Due to this crude language and poor structure, I cannot assume that James is a man of intellect. As such, it is possible that his woman may be the brains of this couple–but may not be as physically attractive as women that James often dabbles with. James’s primitive flow of thought tells us that he has enjoyed his romps with voluptuous girls, but this one is a keeper due to her value-system and smarts. Of course, she may feel a bit of insecurity due to being less attractive than his previous consorts, despite the fact that in all other categories she far exceeds them. Still, in our capitalistic world where aesthetics reign supreme, a woman of such value is reduced to lowering herselves into a deferential position in order to please this barbarian. Ultimately, through this post we see how emtpy and meaningless our own Western societies have become.

  24. *herself

  25. I eat buildings and trousers-snakes for brunch!

  26. My assumption: James knows his fiance* [sic] will read the post and the hmmm at end is clearly an indication that he wishes the fellatio to be of the hummer variety.

  27. What a lucky lady his fiancee is.

  28. chairman mao sucks

    keep it to yourself.

  29. i love you mao

  30. rofl mao, your right

  31. Keep saying stuff like that, and she won’t be your fiancé anymore. 😛

  32. …Those smileys bug me.

  33. Btw Fiance is a surname of his boyfriend. ;o)

  34. @Agent
    yeah, fucking clever dude. And it’s THE!!!

  35. I saw the actually reply from the girl.. she was totally into it.. it was sad.

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