Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coining History

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  2. Bitch, please.

  3. Didn’t this get posted like a month ago with a different mediocre catchphrase?

  4. He was the only Republican of the four, so he faces to the right…

    But really, the US Mint’s website says it was simply the designer Victor D. Brenner’s choice when making a plaque. The plaque happened to strike then president Teddy Roosevelt well enough that he urged the design be placed on a coin for the centennial of Lincoln’s birthday (1909).

  5. Mister Jaques, yes and I tried finding it a while back with no luck. I think it was more than a month.

  6. ^It’s captain not mister. Don’t be so damn disrespectful.

  7. #2 Abraham Lincoln is so win

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  9. Oh escuse me mastah. I is so sorry cap’n. Please don’t hand me a whippin’. I is still sore.

  10. I know in Canada, eh, they’ve always alternated the direction each monarch faces.
    Queen E – right.
    George VI – left.
    The dude right before him, George V faced left too , but there was another king between the Georges, Edward VIII, who would have faced right but he wasn’t king long enough to get his mug on a coin. lol
    Edward VII – right
    Victoria – left

    I wonder now, being a canuck coin nerd, whether there IS any significance to the way the yanks face? Thanks Amber for giving me something lame to start googling tonight….

  11. In Australia we trade in rum.

    Yo ho ho.

  12. In New Zealand we trade in Australians, sorry Lincoln.

  13. ^nice.

  14. Fuck Canada

  15. In my family, we trade punches. It sucks.

  16. I was going to say, “we trade blows, it sucks,” but I would have been walking into my own trap with that one.

  17. ^Now that is funny.

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