Monday, March 29, 2010

Colorful Comments

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  1. Joey needs a swift kick in his tiny nether regions…

  2. @EmKitteh Actually i’m pretty sure its like 81% success rate but same thing right? Either way i wouldn’t trust it.

    Use a condom people.

  3. @naaaice

    They told us 10% in high school sex ed but maybe that was just scare tactics. In any case, the message is that nobody should be relying on it.

    As for condoms, I used to always use them but I’ve been in a serious relationship for a very long time and now we’re just using the pill. We had to go back to condoms for a while because antibiotics were messing with my pill and I can’t stand the feel of them anymore.

  4. lol

  5. I think you guys are missing the point. Noones trying to prevent pregnancy. We’re just trying to prevent paying for child support. Pulling out is our way of saying “It aint MINE, bitch.”

  6. I dunno, if I was a guy banging a girl who’s likely to be unsure of her child’s paternity, I’d want as much latex as possible between me and her.

  7. EmKitt, watch out for that BlackCloud fella, he scares me a little, but I’m strangely turned on at the same time.

  8. I dont believe in condoms, they prevent my diseases from spreading.

  9. Mmmm 5 guys is super good. All burgers are doubles (with anything you want on them) and the cajun fries are great!

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