Monday, November 10, 2014

Come on

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  1. Because the penguins control the world, and won’t allow the water to fall off of the earth.

  2. I think it’s related to the reverse direction the water spins in toilets South of the equator, like in Australia, I think.

  3. That’s a question you one would ask when they’re high

  4. I call fake.
    So stupid, yet not a single grammatical error? Naah.

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  6. The Beast Among Us

    Because “Up” is a relative direction.

  7. BaronVonStauffenberg

    This dumb bitch questions why the water doesn’t fall off the Earth, but doesn’t wonder about anything else. Apparently there’s no question about how people, animals, or anything other than water doesn’t just fall off the Earth. Somehow, she’s completely ok with EVERYTHING else. Wtf!?!

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