Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Concerning Contributions

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  1. #2 came out about the same time as the Model T. As far as #3, I hope Catherine didn’t text ‘asshole’ back to Josh, or else he might have gotten the wrong idea. 😉

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    As for the first one, if it’s the black guy, let the racial comments begin. I’m going to start ahem……black guys are walking hard ons.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Stay awesome Clare.

  4. Nice one, tofu. Very nice.

    vaginalroundhouse: no.

  5. Clare’s a fat girl’s name.

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    lametothemin was raped by a black guy

  7. These are my friends.

  8. powerstanceyall

    they all look like frat douches.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    The laxative thing one is soooo old. I can’t believe they allowed this to be posted here.

  10. Thanks, lame. 😀
    ahat: But she can put lipstick on using only her tits!

  11. So Dukey is a walking hard-on. Sweet.

  12. @ #6, shouldn’t you be off filming Passion of the Christ 2?

  13. That one guy’s in camouflage, there’s no way that’s a frat.

  14. aah, saffer, the camo look has slithered its way into “popular” american fashion, especially amongst the douchey frat boys. i live in a college town, and you see (or can’t see?) this shizzz running rampant.

  15. I’m partial to the one in the front row with three fingers up. gets those damned wart removal commercials playing over and over in my head again.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m totally walking with a hard on for Word … and uppercase Saffer at the same time :D.

  17. Dukey, I totally misread your post as “…wanking with a hard on…”, (damn my astigmatism). Either way I can see your point.

  18. vaginalroundhouse

    @lametothemin instead of referring to me as a number, felt like a bathroom code, call me out based on my name. As of now lametothemin is being raped by the Hammer of Thor.

  19. vaginalroundhouse

    Oh and I’m going to send Suroor Taker after yo ass.

  20. Why is the dude in front putting up 3 fingers? I keep thinking he’s too dumb to make the peace sign like the other guys. I’ll give them one thing, they’re a diverse group of D-bags I’ve ever seen.

  21. I hope Mariahsfantasy was joking… or being sarcastic… Or do you not know gang symbols when you see them?

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