Thursday, November 14, 2013

Conference Time

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  1. Ok nazi teacher, when IS an appropriate time then??

  2. No, Mrs. MC Hammer, my dick cold, I’m touchin’ it.

  3. Ok nazi teacher, when IS an appropriate time then??

    ya know, since we’re re-posting shit on lamebook today.

  4. So what’s the big deal?

    If the teacher keeps being such a prude, it’s her own fault if she gets raped!

  5. The teacher is a real asshole for posting that.

  6. This is wildly inappropriate and I hope she’s reprimanded for it.

  7. What the fuck?

  8. Awkward boners never hurt anyone.

  9. What the actual fuck am I still doing coming to this site?

  10. Steever never commented. I heard he was out, buying sweatpants.

  11. That awkward moment when your superintendent fires you for publicly ridiculing students and their parents.

  12. I’d be pissed if my child’s teacher was posting personal information on line. She’d be out of a job.

  13. ^ boo friggity hoo

  14. How is it clear that the email is from a dad?

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  17. simple philosophy: if it can be done/ exsists, it should be ok to talk about
    it is a kid, parents apparently think it is ok to email about it, and YES, it is absurd what you’re supposed to handle as “take-into-stride” as teacher(yeah, mom and dad, leave all the basics of upbringing to school because otherwise it would mean work (:O! omg why? WHY can’t the society take responsibility for my stuff instead of me??)for those who brought the kids into this world, but… wtf..? kid wants his hands into his pants, parent and teacher try to socialize him Before he grows older and gets caught aa sexoffender… so what..?
    by all means, let the kid shove his hands down his pants till his boss have to deal with it “i’m sorry ma’äm, he… ehrm.. *cough* ehrm.. ehhhh… lamebookers thought it shouldn’t be dealt with, so…

  18. ^ you’re missing the whole point twistedretard. The point is, why the fuck is she posting something that is between the parent and the teacher about that parents kid? Of course stuff like this happens when a kid is growing up and in turn should be addressed. But she’s being an immature tacky adult, but posting it. Props to the dad for sending a follow-up email and trying to work with the teacher. However she is obviously in the wrong line of work if she feels the need to act like a 16 yr old school girl and blast it in Facebook. Way unprofessional.

  19. ^ Pretty spot on for such a hot mess.

  20. BorderlineDane

    ah well all creeps have been boys

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