Friday, January 18, 2013

Congrats Buddy!

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  1. put out bitch.

  2. That’s his sister.

  3. I hope this is real

  4. What that guy’s doing is worse than begging her for sex. He’s accepted that he’s too ugly/not good enough to have sex with her. Yes, he is ugly, but still, advertising his incompetence on facebook is a new low point. I doubt the authenticity of almost 2 million likes, but real or not, I’m sure she didn’t see it coming.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Does anyone else think that girl kinda looks like the attention whore virgin from the movie American Beauty?

  6. “Petter?” I hardly know ‘er!

    Get it? It’s funny because he’s gonna fuck her.

  7. Or do what everyone else that banged her has done, buy her a 4-pack of Mikes Hard Cider…

  8. What a stupid reason for that girl to have sex

  9. But that’s not Catherine.

  10. Maybe it’s his girlfriend?

  11. Seriously, all you peter puffers that thumb downed #5, look it up. With the exception of a couple minor facial features she looks almost identical to the girl. She could be her sister.

    I could care less about the whole thumbs up/down, I’m just assuming the thumbs down means you disagree. If that’s the case I urge you to track down a pair of eyeglasses, because, honestly, I’m convinced some of you are going fucking blind. Either that or you’ve never saw the movie and are too lazy to look it up. Now, if that’s the case, you have no room to fucking speak, you filthy mud creatures!

  12. I have seen this all over my newsfeed, I don’t need to see it here too!

  13. “Like/Share Whores” are the worst kind of Facebook users.

  14. CapnJaques, post your grudge on Facebook and beseech people to like it. One million likes, and I will change my vote on #5 to thumbs up.

  15. I don’t know how old they are, but they look rather young. Aren’t they afraid their parents would see it or maybe they just did it to get popular? Regardless, both need to get some respect for themselves.

    Capnjaques, the problem with number 5 is the language you used, along with the first comment on this tread. Bitching and whore are not flattering terms. They are demeaning. and if you do not know why or think they are not, you need to read some literature. Think before you type.

  16. @ No. 12…Do you really think the bods from Lamebook know or care what the fuck appears on your shitty timeline? If you don’t like it, or in fact even if you do like it, do us all a favour and (I really can’t stress this enough) FUCK. OFF.

  17. All else aside, imagine how damned awkward it would be for him to claim his prize! “Hey Catherine, I got the 1m likes, so you still gonna put out…??”

    …and if she DID go through with it, it would be the most cringworthy 3 minutes of both their lives. I can just see her laying there, eyes shut, hoping it would be over soon, with douchey straddling her with that stupid grin on his face.

    The earlier comment is right, this is a stupid reason to have sex!

  18. #17 – Three minutes???? Damn, you’ve got high expectations for the kid.

    I’d give him half that time, on a day where he’s pulled himself off three times beforehand.

  19. Nice try, Crusty. You lack the proper eloquence to deliver such an “insult”. Goddamn. And what’s up with everyone being mean to Capn? You know, there used to be a hierarchy here on lamebook, I tell you what.

  20. Bet she takes it right in the back dirt box. She looks well dirty in the sack lol.

  21. @Crustylovelips – you’re pretty much proving #15’s point. Since you’re so out of touch, and this place makes you so angry, why not take your own advice?

  22. dagbretr

  23. This is pathetic.

  24. #15 Shut yer filthy cunt mouth! 😛

  25. Lamebook’ s goin’ whitehat Sugartits! This new pansy ass wave of users washing in turns my stomach!

  26. Great comeback, capnjaques. I should have known reasonable conversation wasn’t a possible outcome, you can’t even spell captain.

  27. ^Says the fucknuckle who spells great with two ‘r’s?

    You want a ‘reasonable conversation’, justgrreat101? What the fuck are you doing here then? All you can expect here is a bunch of cretins making fun of facebook users, the lamebook @dmin(wankers) and our fellow lamebookers. We also host the occasional all-in brawl and (on very special occasions) a nice big circle jerk.

    Oh, and the puns; mustn’t forget the puns.

  28. How ’bout you go suck a dick, ya grimey bilge rat! I come here for the distasteful humour, and to hang out with the other dregs, not to read a fucking book. You want literature and intelligent conversation go find a forum dedicated to such. I don’t know what you were thinking strolling on in here thinking this was a friendly place where people come to engage in some kind of cringe worthy circlejerk, welcome proper manners and polite behaviour with open arms. If it helps, I wasn’t genuinely asking why thin-skinned hooligans didn’t like what I had to say, I was being facetious. I accomplished what I set out to do here. There’s a cultural barrier here I’m afraid you’re having trouble crossing. Perhaps if you were to lurk more, and take the time to understand the social differences that are prominent in the comments section here, you would understand. I can’t speak for everyone, but as far far as I’m concerned, unless you’re willing to up your game you can take your passive aggressive bullshit and weak ass attempts to insult me somewhere else. If your not going to be any fun you’re just wasting my time. 😀

  29. See what I mean, guy? Franky knows what she’s talking about! You’re like that poor college kid that stumbles into a locals pub….lol..

  30. Well I’m done responding here. As for Frankenstein…ever hear of Tony the Tiger? Think about it. And it was obviously a joke. But I didn’t throw an offensive term or swear word in there so how would you know that?

    Jaques, you are not my Capn.
    It’s called respect, you don’t have it and I highly doubt you would say half the junk you said to me if I was face to face with you. You can’t use derogatory terms and expect me to think its funny. It’s not, it’s offensive. But then again you obviously do not get that and that reflects on you as a person, not me. I had nothing wrong with your first comment, just your language. Whores and bitches are not terms that are funny in any use. If you were saying the n-word or ragheads it wouldn’t be funny either because these are offensive terms.

    But then again “bitch hunter” on 30 rock was pretty funny. (It was satire though)

    Good luck with the rest of your life, I hope you read something that opens your mind to why disrespect is not funny. I still had more likes on my comment than you, so I can take solace in that not all humanity thinks like you.

    “I’m on a mission to civilize.” – Will McAvoy

  31. justgrreat101 well I doubt you and I will ever share more than a passing glance you can rest assured that people like Cap’n’jaques, Crustylovelips, and DanR are going to be stuck with me forever.

  32. Oh, I see, justgreat it’s ok for 30 rock because that’s sanctioned comedy. You know it’s comedy because that’s what your TV guide calls it. Was it hard for you to tell at first? Without the laugh track?

    P.s. I never thought I’d ever say this but, in regards to your username, you perhaps should have taken a leaf out of Stever or PTM’s book. With just the one extra letter it looks like a typo.

  33. Oh no! Sound the alarms, someone said something offensive on lamebook! Well, I guess as long as there’s self-proclaimed toughguys and people that take life a little too serious lamebook may continue to be a decent fishing spot.

  34. Wow this post does not deserve this many comments for sure!

  35. Oh and @crispylovelips – the irony is you take offence at me not liking this post while you take offence at me taking offence? How does that work you twat?

  36. Meh, she just needs to set up her own page with ‘If I get 2 million likes I get to do him up the arse with a strap on’.

  37. ^ She’ll get the likes on that one, for sure.

    I’d like to know why the people didn’t stop at 1,000,000. Why did nearly 300,000 more people like the page after the million? Were they just trying to drive those last few nails into the coffin?

    Oh, and Just Grrrreat (that’s how Tony would have spelled it), Frosted Flakes are not a worldwide produce, whereas Lamebook is read throughout the world. Stop making us Americans look like idiots. That’s MY job.


  38. *product. Dammit.

  39. Has nobody yet pointed out that this is the dumbest kind of prostitution? I mean, come on. If it were for 1M dollars maybe, but it’s not like you can spend likes. 1 million pervy strangers on the internet want two losers to bone.

  40. Sooo…What’s your price?

  41. Modern kids have it rough. Granted, I also begged my intended target to give it up so I could lose my virginity, but my mom was the only one who heard it.

  42. It’s not ironic you God damned fuck wit. No one comes onto the comments of Lamebook, where, as it has been previously mentioned, the most incestuous of fuckers seem to congregate, not to hear another sad fuck tell us they’ve heard something before. And stick your eloquence up your arse you puss filled penile wart.

  43. All these insults and dirty talk are making me horny.

  44. ^yeah ya like that don’t ya bitch?

  45. @ CapnJaq, You want attention paid to your post? Try the correct verbage ” I COULDN’T care less”.
    Er go if you could care less then why don’t you?

  46. You think I didn’t notice that you little waste of server space? You’re not going to survive going around like a little tosser and pretending lamebook has an edit post option. Nobody else brought it up, because it truly doesn’t matter. That grammar nazi shit doesn’t fit in here. If everyone went around correcting every little mistake one post at a time the comments would number in the hundreds. Which, like I said, is why there’s no point in bringing it up. I’m not looking for attention, just people to irritate, piss off, offend, and verbally degrade (well, through text, obv.), for no other reason than because I can. People make it easy, and I get a few cheap laughs out of it. I was under the impression most people understood this. Were you somehow confused with my presence/intentions? I’m not trying to be mean here, buddy. I just want you to understand that you’re wasting our time (both of ours) bringing up a trivial point like that. You’re operating on a level that’s almost not even worthy of a response right now. I’m just feeling extra courteous at the moment so I’m willing to forgive your queer methodology, just this once. Now scurry along you little troll, you, before I change my mind and beat you mercilessly with my cock.

  47. CapnJaques raging because of his own ignorance, now that is funny.

  48. Oh dear friend, apparently you’ve confused yourself. You see, to rage (also, if you’re bored, pick up a dictionary and look up ignorance, your doing it wrong :P), one must first be upset, or disturbed in some manner. What we do have here, though, is a second rate troll trying to ruffle the feathers of someone on a much higher level. I don’t invest emotions in any content I deliver to the vast spaces on the interwebz. Now do us both a favour and move your feeble attempts to a newer thread, or if you like, i’d be glad to continue our discussion on the weekend (because, contrary to most peoples beliefs and I’m sure, much to your surprise, I’m actually a pleasant guy to talk to, lamebook aside, and I do quite enjoy these little back ‘n forths. Lamebook to most of us is nothing but a simple game of words…and insults are often considered as a compliment, or a friendly gesture, for those that don’t take things personal). I don’t much like keeping up with outdated posts. Time to move on buddy boy! Lol…

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