Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    This is real.

  2. What is this, the third almost-a-repost this week?

  3. This is obviously fake. He wouldnt have kept posting numbers like that.

  4. It’s fake. See how the guy is black, yet he knows math?

  5. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Seriously, black people cannot add unless it is about fried chicken or crack rocks.

  6. They can also count the small number of birthday candles your daughter has on her cake, before raping her.

  7. This is fake.

  8. Also, a black man would not use a heart. In his status.

  9. Dawn of the Dan

    ^ Unless he’s lovin’ it.

  10. He is a gay black man, and the other guy needling him is his lover

  11. Damn, where is YT when you need him?

  12. I sent ytmutant out to get me some Skittles a couple of months ago.
    He never came back.

  13. I hope he didn’t get George Zimmermanned.

  14. If this is the amount of ‘fucks’ blur-face puts into this status, I’d hate to have to read all he has to say about a status he does care about.

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