Sunday, April 26, 2009

“Coolest Guy on Earth”


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  1. they should let him stay in college,it will be the highlight of his life.

  2. yeah if i came to work and this guy was sitting in the next cubicle id have to toss a coin to see who was going to get shot in the face.. him or me.

  3. (1) are Spring Banquets some sort of conquest? (2) kin to Asher Roth?

  4. OWU = Other World University?

  5. awww he’s trying to boast his self esteem by telling himself how cool he is!! how cute!

  6. Nothing pisses me off more than people who brag about how amazing they think they are/their life is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very happy person myself, but I just don’t see why people feel the need to rub it in peoples’ faces?! It makes them look like complete douches and it just sounds so fake.

  7. UWO is university of waterloo

  8. Actually, the University of Waterloo is UW. UWO is the University of Western Ontario.

  9. OWU is Ohio Wesleyan University

  10. The way he changed tenses a few times made it sound like his “hotter” second date won the Basketball National Championship.

  11. If we’re reading it that way it sounds like his second date is a dude too.

  12. GAY…

  13. I mainly want to know which ANTM model he had as a date…

  14. I hate college. A lot.

  15. Best part of this post… There’s no one named “Joey” left on the Ohio Wesleyan basketball roster. Oh, and they didn’t win a National Championship last April. Or the one before that. Or the one before that either. Is there another school abbreviated OWU?

  16. @LB: nothing pisses me off more than people referring to themselves in the third person. especially if they can’t keep it all the way through.

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