Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Corporate Punishment

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    F U T100!

  2. Msannethrope is Mapquesting directions to Japan Center right now

  3. These both are reaching new stupid lows in humanity. I’m about to see if I can hire T1000 to find and take out the stupid people in the first one and I am not even interesting in googling the second one to even see wth that is about.

  4. I love bukkake!

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    Guys, remember to try Bukkake, too. It’s for women.

  6. Can you please make sure my noodles have less bukkake on them this time? Thanks.

  7. teeko, for serious?
    You’re a bukkake noob?
    After all this time on Lamebook?

  8. Teeko knows what it is,
    A bukkake by any other name is still a bukkake Bacchante!

  9. why is dr. pepper 10 not for chicks? is it taliban?

  10. ^It has testosterone as a flavor enhancer, lubricant, desiccant, food coloring, and to combat the impudence that naturally occurs while using the product.

  11. @Bacchante – yeah I know what bukkake is, but the whole udon noodle reference to it all made me double take, being a chef and all. Then I thought wait a minute… that is nothing you need to google.
    Now bukkake white wheat bland crappy old spaghetti… that might actually improve the flavour.

  12. you spelled impotence wrong.

  13. laugh.out.loud

    Did you know if you use gps on a cellular device for directions to from the US to China it says to jet ski across the pacific ocean, take one ferry and kayak twice?? You’re welcome.

  14. @4 On the face?

  15. Dr Pepper what’s the worst that could happen?

    Well apparently the worst thing that could happen is a passing gang of bukkake bastards could jump me whilst I was eating my noodles and drinking my soft drink and leave me looking like I dunked my head into a bucket of paper mache.

  16. #13, apparently, it’s done that same thing when people in New York ask directions for a decent Chinese restaurant, too.

  17. @12 Yes I surely did, I wonder why I wrote that instead….

  18. Wikipedia does a great job of explaining how bukkake can be both a sex act and way of preparing noodles.

    “Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru (ぶっ掛ける, to dash or sprinkle water),[9] and means “to dash”, “splash” or “heavy splash”.[4][6][10] The compound verb can be decomposed into a prefix and a verb: butsu (ぶつ) and kakeru (掛ける). Butsu is a prefix derived from the verb “buchi” which literally means to hit but the usage of the prefix is a verb-intensifier.[11]

    Kakeru in this context means to shower or pour. The word bukkake is often used in Japanese to describe pouring out water with sufficient momentum to cause splashing or spilling. Indeed, bukkake is used in Japan to describe a type of dish where hot broth is poured over noodles, as in bukkake udon and bukkake soba.”

  19. ^I like the one where I ejaculate in your face…better!

  20. I’m going to sit here and try and kill myself by swallowing my own tongue. for a bit.

  21. So, it’s what, 2/3 hours later now? How’s that working out for ya Ms., You enjoy sucking on your own tongue?

  22. ^you jelly?


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