Friday, September 3, 2010

Corrupt Connections

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  1. What exactly is the second one about? Am I just being slow?

  2. I don’t really understand the 2nd one either.
    Someone isn’t getting married anymore I guess and wants to get rid of the ring they bought?

  3. The second one I assume the two were married, and the woman left Shawn, or cheated on him, possibly because of his appalling use of Paint, and so he’s… I don’t know what you’d call it… blanked(?) her out, and put ‘VOWS?’ because she broke ’em.

  4. I don’t get the last one. What’s so funny/lame about someone selling a promise ring?

  5. Again I guess because the ring was being used for their engagement, or to promise to keep celibate or whatever until they got married, but was no longer needed after ‘maybe a week’.

    That’s right, the punchline of these updates is ‘these people’s relationships ended’.

  6. A promise ring is usually for virginity. Since she only wore it for a short time, I’m guessing she got her cherry popped! At last that’s what they are for where I’m from.

  7. Thanks BritishHobo…It’s nice to have a translator when lamebook fails so hard.

  8. Purity rings are for virginity. Promise rings are a pre-engagement ring. “I promise I’ll ask you to marry me.” Or not.

  9. Great photo of the ring.. Someone will snap that right up.

  10. The person selling the ring doesn’t seem very emotional about it. Is the “!!” good or bad, I wonder?

    And seriously, Shawn, just 1. Spell your name ‘Shaun’, it’s much better, and 2. Just stick to hacking her facebook and changing her status to … is a cheating whore or whatever the kids are saying nowadays.

  11. Or just spell it the right way, Sean.

  12. 8 – That’s what I thought. That’s why I was confused about what’s so funny about it.

    And 10 and 11 – I don’t think he named himself, actually. Just a wild guess though.

  13. VOWS? lmao I’m gonna go ahead and assume that she didn’t understand her vows and he found out about it the day of the wedding when he walked in on her and his brother/best man in the bathroom at the reception….. Of course this only one of many things that could have happened.

  14. 12 – ah, but here on lamebook, we reserve the right to judge names, despite the person having no control other than the option of name change by deed poll.

    And why scribble out the face? Use that paint effort to expand on vows?

  15. If I were scribbling out a face, there would be decent scribble, not some odd red oval thing, where is the passion shawn?

  16. @ #5 britishhobo – the first relationship isn’t ended, there does seem to be some ‘end’ involved though

  17. I named myself. My parents didn’t come up with “Douchetastic” all on their own, they needed a little nudge.

    He should’ve invested in Photoshop and put Megan Fox’s face over his wife’s or something. THAT would’ve been at least somewhat funny.

  18. Yeah, now you guys point it out, it probably just means they either had sex or got engaged… I dunno. Maybe the Lamebook people are really sentimental and think she’s stupid for not keeping the promise ring after it was no longer needed.

    That or we all missed something really obvious and they’re laughing at us right now.

  19. First one made me lol. I don’t understand the second too well. Glad to know I’m not the only one. 🙂 The third, I assume, means she lost her virginity within a week of first putting on the ring.

    @BritishHobo I agree, I feel as though we’re all missing out on some simple joke and being laughed at.

  20. I don’t get the last one. Other than the fact that I worked at Zales while I was in college and they sell that ring then and now for $299…

  21. For the second one, I think the humor is in the line “wore maybe a week”

    The poor grammar/spelling makes the humor hard to find, even though its not very funny to begin with.

  22. Promise rings, where I’m from, were always for “we’ll get married someday but this isn’t an actual engagement.” (I had never actually heard of those purity rings another poster mentioned until I stumbled across some article on the ‘net about them and those dances where teen girls promised, to their fathers, to remain virgins.) But, anyway, the promise rings seem to be a pretty much exclusively high school, maybe early college thing. So I suspect the last one just means they broke up within a week of promising to marry someday.

    Not exactly funny, just kind of par for the course with a lot of the high school relationships I saw.

  23. LoL, my name is Shaun, it is a vool name (if u unsure of the term, search on urbandictionary), sean and shawn and shon are lame versions of my name.

  24. whitphoenix, I guess it’s just one of those where we (and Lamebook) are meant to just assume that’s what happened, when there’s every chance it might not be. We seem to get a lot of those…

  25. “Vool” is a lame word.

  26. Isn’t the name supposed to be Sean, and Shaun and Shawn (never heard of ‘Shon’) just versions that people use because they don’t know how to spell ‘Sean’?

    And I’m with trademark on this, ‘vool’ is lame.

  27. Purity rings USED to be called “promise rings”, but then, when some idiot woman invented this concept of getting “engaged to be engaged” (yes, I’ve actually heard it called that before), probably because she wanted to get a diamond and didn’t think it would ever happen otherwise, the connotation for “promise ring” changed.

    Or maybe a man invented the concept so he could buy a little more time to shop around. I dunno. Either way, I’m not a fan.

  28. If you use a word in a sentence, then immediately follow with instructions for people to look the word up in urban dictionary, then perhaps the point of using the word has been missed, and the whole thing is lame..

    I thought Sean was the original spelling, but isn’t there some funky Scottish spelling of the name?

  29. Is that what a “promise ring” is? How lame. It just seems like it would take all the anticipation and surprise out of the guy ACTUALLY popping the question. But whatever floats their boat. Purity rings are what really creep me out, how is it any of the parents’ business at all when the kids lose their virginity? I mean as long as they’re being safe and responsible, I think that’s a life choice for the individual themselves to make.

    Anyways, all I really wanted to say to this was Shawn is a t00l. Getting revenge on your ex by posting a picture where you’ve scribbled out her face with paint doesn’t exactly say “I’m the bigger person here and I’m happy without her,” does it?

  30. vool? hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  31. Karnivool? Great band. Odd name.

  32. They’re overrated. Sugar Army are much better =P

  33. #2 they have 2 kids.. got married.. almost 2 years later they are getting a divorce and Shawn has full custody of both kids.. she is a retard and slept with some guy while he was at school.. … then told mutual friends…and no I am not Shawn I am her brother

  34. @yournutx: That’s precisely why I’m not a fan of the “engaged to get engaged” thing.

    I never had a “purity ring”, but I was in the right crowd for it. I was raised Southern Baptist. True Love Waits and all that.

  35. Wow. I have this ring. It’s more about $300.00 new, not four something. The middle stone is the only diamond in it, and its 1/5 karat. The outside stones are glass. Somebody wanted to make a lot of money, for little product.

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