Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Counting Out College

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  1. But when somebody plays porn on their laptop on full blast during the lecture, everybody laughs.

  2. College is for fucking young teen girls. WTF is wrong with you, are you gay?

  3. Fuck STEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR!!!!!! The doss cunt…

  4. I’m pretty sure Noobsauce is just a bitter closet queen for how often he calls other things gay.

  5. And just for good measure:

  6. No. I fuck your daughters.

  7. I think I’ve seen this before on Lamebook! Are they repeating stuff now? There seems to be a lack of ‘lame’ nowadays 😛

  8. Noobsauce is actually right about college. It pretty much is a place to fuck and do drugs as much as possible.

  9. Noobsauce, I know you’ve said “fuck” but I’m quite sure you’ve confused the meaning. What you should have said was “give style advise to.”

  10. Or advice, bad English from STEEEEEEVEEEEEEN right there.

  11. Yeah I know where this guy is coming from. Last time I got my cock out and made a sex joke in class nobody laughed at me either?!

    Fucking nursery kids. No sense of humour.

  12. You are all gay.

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