Thursday, January 27, 2011

CoupON to Get Off

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    Nice work Bob…

    and cheer up Mike, looks like you’re getting a blowy tonight…

  2. Holy shit. RUN ANGELA!!

  3. Aww poor Mike.

    Very funny reaction tho.

  4. Mike totally doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to freak out and punch his gf in the twat…


  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That’s right Mike, that ‘ll teach you to be gay in your private life.

    I don’t understand why girls get to “brag” about the gay shit their boyfriends do for them but guys don’t get to talk about what hole they emptied their sac in last night.

  7. Is keshafan trying to copy Steever?

  8. This is why I love lamebook. I have been driving over 5 miles to the hardware store every time I need to buy some fertilizer for my veggie patch, but I could just get it from the bath n body works in the local mall 2 streets away!!

  9. I’m kind of torn on the coupon thing. I’d love it if my girlfriend was reduced by 50%, but I’m tired of her accepting all my competitor’s offers.

  10. 21 likes on Bob’s comment??? Either this is BS or word got out pretty quickly about the sheer stupidity of this thread. If the latter is true, then I am guessing a lot of Angela’s friends think Mike is a raging douche, in which case this relationship is probably doomed whether Mike wants to blame it on the “coopon” book being made public knowledge or not.

  11. This would be funny if I weren’t 90% sure Angela was going to end up in a battered-women’s shelter some day soon. For serious.

  12. “flowers n some shit”

    Who says romance is dead? I swear evolution is going into reverse in some parts.

  13. I had my sixth wife tattooed with a series of dashes leading down to her cock cave and reaching around to her stink box, just so that I could use her like a coupon book….

    Tear along the dotted line.

  14. This made for some pretty depressing reading, I agree about the battered woman potential. Mike is in need of a good kicking to teach him some manners.

  15. Bath and Body Works sells shit now? I have a reason to go there after all.

  16. Bob is funny….

  17. I’m with lametothemin and pedante, I laughed until I realised that Mike was probably going to go scream at her for being proud to be with him, the absolute raging fuckwit.

    Dayumm gurl, why you gotta be braggin about me and talkin me up all the time?

  18. I apologise in the opposite of advance for that shitty last line.

  19. You fucking twat. There are many women on facebook complaining about their men – this one was being super cute!

    Apology accepted Hobo. Just ’cause it’s you though.

  20. I wouldn’t have reacted the same way, but I’d be pissed too. Doesn’t matter if she thinks she’s being nice by bragging about him.

    I’ve been in relationships where I pretty much had to stop telling my girlfriend anything personal I didn’t want all her friends to know.

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