Monday, November 30, 2009

This is Your Status on Drugs



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  1. Nothing against orgies, or unusual public sex acts, whatever floats your boat so long as you aren’t hurting anyone…. but i don’t understand WHY you would choose to post that on facebook so that EVERYONE can see it, and spread the gossip which will inevitably get back to your co-workers, your parents, your long-dead great grandparents even. hmmmm…. the mind boggles at strange motivation behind sexual perversion.

  2. jessica doesn’t get out enough.

  3. hehe mercure , nice one , familiar with the 419 eater website ?

  4. The only way this could have been better is if her Mom made a comment on this.

  5. How about we just post our personal life on facebook! Imagine how much attention I will get!

  6. You know, I wish that more people would post a status like this once in a while, even if they ARE attention whores.
    I am so sick of reading, “is eating cereal.”

  7. @Anitalaff: How about reading “Is eating muff”?

  8. Now THAT would make me LOL.

  9. I will post it on facebook for you. LOL. I’m looking forward to all of the WTF comments coming my way.

  10. Have done so. I didn’t get the comments i was looking for though.

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