Friday, February 18, 2011

Crashing Paris

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  1. Well..that was a late post…and I don’t get where it was supposed to be even a little bit amusing. Help?

  2. Sorry blondie, can’t help you there. It was pure shite.

  3. Huh????????????

  4. I’m fairly new to lamebook. I’ve only discovered this site about a week ago. Does lamebook always post things this…lame?

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What the Fuck?

  6. Dukey,
    Can’t you think of any other words to use than the language that you posted? You go to Lamebook University, so I would think that you can do better.

  7. How about you post the ENTIRE story there, lamebook.

    F a i l book was able to do it. Why not you?

  8. Dukey, there’s some shit about this story if you care enough to Google it or look for it on Facebook. I didn’t care, but I checked it out, anyway. Nothing of note.

    But something that is of note: Have most of the Lamebook commenters died? What the hell has happened over the past couple of weeks?

    And by the way, Lamebook, what’s the deal with you moderating a number of my comments in the past week? I don’t get it. First we can say something. Then we can’t. Then we can again. And then we fucking well can’t. Again. You’re like some looney bitch.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Hehe @ rawnuh [Insert rambling Mad2 type essay about expletives and freedom of speech here]

    Word I wont bother checking I’m sure it will be boring.

    I was saying that earlier it seems like we are all giving up on this site.

  10. Yeah, I know you did. Don’t be too bummed, buddy, we’ve had some fun at the party. But the party, it seems, has moved somewhere else.

  11. Did you say giving up on this site? No one is giving up until we decide to! Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

  12. @Soup: I don’t get it. did you say that on purpose thinking it was funny (in some weird way that i am yet to understand), or did you really mix up Japanese with Germans?

  13. @vignesh: It’s an “Animal House” reference. Are you one of the seven people who has never seen that movie?

  14. wtf is animal house?

  15. Stretch you’re showing your age. A lot of people haven’t seen or heard of Animal House. It’s pretty old school.

    And as far as commenting…I still read lamebook but now I usually save up a whole week and then read it on the weekend. By then…what’s the point in commenting?

  16. animal house, that’s funny

  17. I still think vignesh is pep.

  18. ^ and you’re Elric

  19. There’s a story on this on the US Weekly website, but it looks like this is another one of those guerilla marketing things — it’s by some lame dude who wants to sell some crap single.

  20. saffer, did you just accuse me of being that commenter who made that funny bloody comment about his wife?

  21. And just when I thought you’d all left this shindig…

  22. i miss mad2physicist’s essay style rants on freedoms and rights!

  23. This sounds like a lame tucker max story…and those were already pretty lame.

  24. Animal House is on basic cable all the time. Most people have seen it or at least heard of it. I graduated college in 2008 and people still had that famous poster of Belushi up on their walls.

    What I want to know is how the hell they tricked the head of security into letting them walk out of the venue with the CAKE.

  25. Yes, but did you know ‘lauriebeth’ was Richie’s gf on Happy Days?

  26. Yes, although it was “Lori Beth.”

  27. lol .. thank-you.

  28. No problem. Entirely pointless TV trivia is kind of a hobby. 😛

  29. Paz thinks he’s so fucking cool but I once crashed into the gate of the Paris Hilton whilst dressed as a cake, which I think is infinitely more impressive then his vapid, shite little fucking anecdote….

    Mind you the story about the time I once watched two lady birds fucking on a gatepost is more interesting than that piece of yawn inducing bloodpoo.

  30. Anyone know if this is a legit story? Because Paz is my fucking hero if so. It gives me a sick sense of joy to believe that Paris Hilton got her cake stolen by some douche who snuck into her party.

  31. @BlueEyed: From the evidence I’ve seen, this is indeed a true story. The whole shenanigans, complete with a follow up story, and corroborating pics are on Paz’s blog. Quite the set of balls on him, actually….

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