Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creature Comforts

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  1. I feel sorry for people like Sherry, I really do.

  2. The bed should have said, “Reproduce.” Because that’s what’s life’s really about.

  3. yourmothersayshi

    heather ftw

  4. The bed wouldn’t have said that because noone wants Sherry to reproduce. On another note, is Justin a tiny person?

  5. At first I thought Justin meant to write “bear hands” but misspelled “hands” and that he had actual bear hands, which would have been cooler than what he was trying to say.

  6. When I woke up this morning, I asked myself, “What is life about?”
    My hard-on said…

  7. When I read a canned facebook status quote on a friend’s wall, I sigh and ignore it. When there are two or more in my news feed, I want to start unfriending people. Put this as your status if you have cancer.

  8. I can’t stand all those dumb status updates. I wish I had someone like Heather on my friends list to liven things up a bit

  9. I’m sitting in the library on campus (studying) and Braden’s comment made me dry heave with laughter for five minutes. I pictured him saying it very excitedly. Haha, like me when I see cupcakes. mmmm :p And Lambok.. you complete me. Aside from this, I am sick and effing tired of getting “It’s breast cancer awareness month, put your shoe size and a sad face so everyone thinks you’re sad about a 9 inch penis” Blech.. it’s effing JULY! BCA month is in OCTOBER! A-noying!

  10. This is Heather. LOL. It’s great to see myself on lamebook without having been ‘lame’! 😀

  11. Good call

  12. I want a German bear named Hans

  13. Bear hans lol. I dont care but that was funny as hell.

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