Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creature from the Lagoon

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  1. All of American is fecally contaminated..

  2. Hey, what’s for lunch?

  3. It’s funny how many people either don’t know, or are in denial about how disgusting public swimming pools are. They’re like an overly chlorinated outhouse. I’d rather scrub the toilet bowl in my house clean with my flaccid dick than go swimming in one of those cesspools. “It’s ok guys, the fatty only shit in that side of the pool, it’s totally clean over here!”

  4. ^ You should only swim in private pools; nobody ever shits in those.

    I don’t think scrubbing the toilet bowl with your flaccid dick is a very effective, let alone hygienic, method. How do you get up under the rim where all the nasty bacteria and mildew accumulates?

  5. Sorry, coughed while I was peeing…..Shit happens.

  6. I don’t know, I’ve never tried it, but if I did…I’d just kind of jamb it up in the cracks as best I could and wiggle it around like a squeegee. I avoid swimming pools altogether…only place I swim is in the bathtub with my bubbles and a rubber ducky. Sometimes I’ll get bored and play “submarine”….I’m just kidding, my bathtub isn’t big enough for fun bubble baths.

  7. All underwater farts smell the same when they surface, ain’t that a stinker?!!!

  8. ^ First hand knowledge I take it?

  9. Ever take a bath? This is accepted. Understood, aged upon, undoubtedly true knowledge I give unto you grasshopper…..

  10. Unless you have diarrhea and laugh…..

  11. My imagination leads me to believe farting in a bathtub is like a redneck jacuzzi.

  12. If you keep being this disgusting, nobody would want to rape you.

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  14. The Beast Among Us

    Lessons are still on, huh? I guess they’re going to run around on the deck and just wave their arms?

  15. Maybe someone dropped a Baby Ruth and it wasn’t really poo. Ever the optimist.

  16. “Pool’s closed” reference?

  17. “What did you learn in Swimming Class today, Son?”
    “Well, Mummy – I did the 100M in record time with my mouth closed.”

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