Monday, September 10, 2012

Crime of Passion

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  1. Fake.

  2. everyone who posts after me is a flaming fucking faggot. whoever posts before me, well, i guess you’re a piece of shit.

    fuck all of you assholes. i hope you all have anthrax poisoning.

  3. Dang, looks like I am a flaming fucking faggot. Hold the anthrax please.

  4. anthrax is a disease not a poison

  5. ^you are totally going on my xmas mailing list.

  6. at #4 Really? You serious bra?

  7. I’m going to comment liiiike nobodys business!

  8. ^Great screen name. I now have unrealistic expectations of you.

    Had he killed him with a Cheetos, now that’s news. I’d question MacGyver first.

  9. yep I am Hawk.. are you Hawaiian?

  10. The killer had a chip on his shoulder…

  11. The victim had one in his mouth.

  12. Hold on, beat-us-police-us, you let Ima get away with calling it a chip? Huh. Besides, isn’t the killer had a snack on his shoulder much funnier?

  13. Surprisingly this is not fake. It happened right down the street from where I work.

  14. @Rightbrain, Imamofo gets away with murder, so calling a cheese snack a “chip” is nothing.

  15. ^balls. you’ve got to grow a pair and take a stand at some point, beat.

  16. Let the bull run by. That way, I don’t get any on my shoes.

  17. coward.

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