Friday, June 4, 2010

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  1. Eenerbl, just show up? Amongst the kids and the boyfriend/lover/partner/mate? I’d feel guilty for taking you away, getting you drunk, and then returning you disappointed.

    Word, PICS! I think it’s your ladies turn to show the goods. Lets see some photos.

  2. You know Soup, you disappoint me! I clicked on your link, and I’m not included, I’m hurt. I’ll get over it though, with alcohol and foreign substances.

  3. Soup, you really need to quit spoiling my fun by pointing out the real world. Here, that’s not an objective.

  4. ee, if I was net savvy enough, I’d create a link that would have you in it for sure, but alas, my talents lay elsewhere.

  5. Must be tough on the knees right now ee. Hope it gets better soon! Anyway, i’m gonna kick it for now. Soup, word, ee, I bid you adieu.

  6. Oh, and the other thing done, ee.

  7. Eenerbl, you disappeared for a while and Word and I developed a connection. It is by no means a slight towards you. You know your boobs are the place my penis wants to rest.

    Once again, I have to apologize. To make up for it, I will be at your house in 2 hours, riding my unicorn. I will then take you down the rabbit hole where the Red Queen will make you do awful things to my head.

  8. word, one day. 🙂

    I too need to call it in. I have a fishing trip early in the A.M.

  9. Soup, I’m not one for fairy tales, and the red queen kinda freaks me out. Don’t fault me for my shortcomings, I try to be here when I can. Tears Soup, tears.

  10. Walter Sobchak

    Wtf was #83, a threat, an offer, a promise?

    You have any baby innards left Soup?

  11. Eenerbl, the tears make me hard. Why do you think I have a baby fetish?
    You don’t want the real world and you don’t want fairy tales. So it’s purely fantasy? I’ve got to be creative every time? Exhausting. But I’ll do it. Next time.

    Walter! I’m always willing to share some viscera with a friend.

  12. Night ee.

    Soup, I’m channelling Grace Slick right now thanks to you. I do love that song.

  13. By the way Soup, re your request, go to ee’s link. I’d be happy for her to oblige you.

  14. Word, I am drunk enough that I actually did make that request. We shall see what the future holds.

  15. wordpervert, I think lamebook put 2 up because it is wrong and lame.

    And why would Adam advertise how whipped he is.

  16. I dunno pinkhobo- usually lamebook puts a thumbs down above things it things are stupid or wrong.

  17. thinks*

  18. WTF I never realised this was under FTW

  19. notice how I started and finished with a 3 letter acronym.. yeah yeah did you? just as I thought… no one cares

  20. i felt the sentence had yet more palindromic potential numnum.

    and scrolling up, i’m really upset i missed the love-in earlier.

    i’ve always had a soft-spot for word. :-$

    oh, and i have to say this in spite of myself (forgive me) – but it’s FOOTBALL, not soccer. all of these kind of games (rugby, gridirion, aussie rules) originated from rugby football, but ””soccer”’, being the most widespread in the world, the older of the two, and the one played almost exclusively with the ‘foot’, surely deserves the term ‘football’.

    in countries where football is popular, it is always referred to as ‘football’, and never ‘soccer’. calling it ‘soccer’ is myopic!

  21. Thanks lamebook, I just downloaded new porn, but now I cant get a boner after reading this, totally FTW.

  22. Jesus Christ, Lamebook.

    Attila, you’re awesome.

  23. The second one is horrible. It’s not funny in the least. FAIL!!

  24. Adam stand up and be a man!

    My girl couldn’t pay me to watch the sex and the city movie with her, and ESPECIALLY not with 20 PMS-ing chicks! I’d rather shove toothpicks under my fingernails then watch that crap.

    Man, all i could hear while i was reading that was the sound of you being whipped

  25. 1. who talks at the cinema? is he so backwards that he doesn’t know if he’ll be all to keep up with all the shoe buying in the film?
    2. ‘oh my gf is such a bitch..i so don’t wanna go…’ quit whining about it and don’t go..she probs just invited you to be polite and you’re going to look like a major arsehole turning up there.
    3. to all those ‘whipped’ commentators…grow the fuck up or youre gonna have to learn how to blow your own cocks.
    4. to clarify; I’ve never watched a single episode of SATC in my life.

  26. now you just look like the one “whining”…

  27. krasivaya_devushka

    He must be his girlfriend’s bitch if she *makes* him watch chick flicks.

    And I don’t even want to read the second one; that is just horrible.

  28. Why the fuck was the 2nd one posted? JFC, this site is pathetic, now.

  29. excuse me… we don’t call it “period” anymore. It’s “riding the cotton pony”… or “shark week”

  30. joking about Elizabeth Fritzl: not cool. not cool at all.

    girls syncing periods?!! is anyone seriously dumb enough to believe that?? its a hormonal thing, and your hormones are NOT regulated by your proximity to other women. God damn.

    And Sex and City? I’m a girl and would NEVER watch that crap,, and even if i did i would never expect my boyfriend to- not because he’s a boy but because its not his thing. we watch the movies we both like together, and the movies only one of us likes seperately.

  31. Gaybriel, thanks for that, I didn’t even notice that thumb up or down thing. Maybe lamebook are being extra sarcastic?

    lol @Numnum

  32. Well, well, the GoldenGirls one is rather funny because Betty White has a macabre kind of humour as well, but I can’t stand the second one.

    Maybe it’s because the place where he lived is only half an hour’s drive away from my home (I’m Austrian).

  33. Nothing funny about Fritzl. Never was, never will be.

  34. @Zitrone

    I bet you could buy his house pretty cheaply. Might be a good investment. I won’t make a “fully finished basement” joke, though.

  35. HAHAHA the first one is Golden… One of the best wins I’ve seen on LB in a while

  36. @mcowles

    A lot of people wanted to buy that house after the whole thing -strange and somehow disgusting O_o

  37. That Fritzl one is effing HILARIOUS! You’re all so boring.

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