Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy’s Dilemma

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  2. ps. Nice duck face ya fag

  3. Yet another reason to hate the Heat.

  4. I miss Maury Povich.

  5. I do not feel heat.

  6. Wow. Yeah, Facebook seems like the appropriate way to announce that. Well done.

  7. I’m guessing that Kelsey isn’t much of a prize either, but i really feel that she dodged a bullet on this one.

    imagine being entangled with this waste of fucking oxygen for the next 18 years?


  9. Why blur out the names on the post, they are on the dna sheet, no?

  10. If you can’t stand the heat *insert female kitchen joke here*

  11. MrImpiReal.. no one likes your comments.
    In translation: lyk wtf. duckface.

  12. 9 the dna sheet is too blurry to read

  13. hahaa My daughter knows these people. Jr. is actually the third guy tested. After the first two she said it had to be his. She has a call into Maury now.

  14. ^how would your daughter know these people? does she live in the same trailer park? does she sell them meth?

  15. Junior should check out his own DNA… He looks like the offspring of a sleepy horse that fucked a pouty monkey.

  16. No, they sell her meth. I get my weed from Jr.’s mom. Really, though, Kelsey goes to high school with my daughter. Jr. lives in Tupelo, MS. That should explain it all.

  17. Hey drukrnwhpre….So, now that we all know she’s dtf…does she enjoy anal?..and if you’re not sure, can you find out and report back?

  18. If she liked anal she wouldn’t be looking for her baby daddy.

  19. ^boom.
    just like that.

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