Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dad’s Diagnoses

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  1. is marijuana a euphemism for penis?

  2. Bring_back_fingering

    Is red head a euphemism for soulless?

  3. Is Bring_back_fingering a euphemism for badass name?

  4. Injecting marijuana? So what people are free basing weed now?

    Side note:
    Do people ever actually leave real comments instead of just talkin shit to one another?
    Don’t bother talkin shit to me either I won’t be back to read or post anything but this.

  5. Well then asking a question really serves a purpose then huh?
    Thanks for stopping by

  6. ^You shouldn’t use the same word twice in one sentence, it makes you sound rather stupid. Not quite as stupid as Randy though, perhaps he injected one or two of those marajuanas himself.

  7. @4 – Freebasing refers to smoking, not injecting.

  8. She shelved ALL the marijuanas!

  9. You can inject it?

  10. If you extracted the THC no reason why you couldn’t inject.. you’d wanna have a really good idea of tolerance and quantity though

    but works well enough when you separate the THC into fats when you make cookies, so.. yeah why not

  11. I wonder how many retards are going, “holy shit you can inject dope?!”

  12. Fake.

  13. This one doesn’t make sense – how would you inject a ground up leaf? Could “inject” mean that she took it anally?

  14. … and by “taking it anally”, I mean just putting the leaf up the butt and letting the system absorb the chemicals. Like some people do with alcohol.

  15. People who misunderstand satire are shit. Really fucking shit.

  16. Heat I think they blow the smoke into a syringe and then inject the smoke.. it’s a new craze

    isn’t that right Bacch?

  17. Ingest.

    Or maybe it was in jest.

  18. annoying_person

    T1000 is fake. I’m genuine

  19. ^genuinely stupid

  20. Goddamn, I wish I had the last 2 minutes of my life back. And by that, I mean the 2 minutes it took me to read this shit stain of a comment section.

  21. “She’s been in a coma for a while.”

    Well fuck me if that isn’t the most casual description of the length of time an offspring has been in a coma.

    “How long has Josephine been in the shitter?”
    “A while now.”

    “How many years would I get for stealing your car and arse raping your sister?”
    “A while.”

    Engrish. Hard.

  22. So, I typed “come marajuana” into Facebook search and looked at public posts containing those words, in an attempt to find this OP. This is what I came across.

    Trace Morgan Marse
    8 hours ago
    Wow, I just got news that one of my old friends is in a coma because she injected crystal marajuana. I can’t believe this 🙁 </3

  23. ….*coma*

  24. I figured the words, “come marajuana” together would result in a lot of porn links. Dammit, now I have to erase “marajuana” from my personal dictionary.

  25. Wow, I can understand why she was in a coma!
    I injected 2 marajuanas once and I was totally f’d up for a while and a half

  26. How much weed is in 4 marajuanas?

  27. ^ Funny.

  28. ElizabethBerkelydid

    Wasn’t the whole point of posting this to Lamebook to show the father’s obvious ignorance of drug use/terminology?

  29. Man, I’m Canadian and even *I* remember reading a wealth of info regarding legislation that would allow medicinal use of marijuana to be either inhaled, or injected. Spelling is wrong but otherwise..

  30. #15 <- what she said.

  31. #18 There must be something generally wrong with you.

  32. wtf did he take???

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