Thursday, September 6, 2012

Darren’s Prophecy

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  1. I love religious people that think just because you don’t believe in god, you walk around mugging, robbing, raping everyone you feel like. I think the religious people are the criminals, because you can do anything as long as you repent and still have a shot at Heaven right?

    If you need the fear of hell to keep you from doing evil things, you simply are a piece of shit person, belief in God or not

  2. Tiffany’s grasp of Atheism is just a little less ignorant than analrapist’s grasp of Christian theology.

  3. ^yup

  4. Rapists don’t do it for lust as much as they do it for anger or hatred. Tiffany is just as much a rape target as any woman.

  5. ….and only non-God fearing types commit rape. Like Catholic priests etc…

  6. ^ Exactly! Those atheist rapist bastards!

  7. What’s keeping them from killing and raping you? How about morals? Unity among humans? You don’t need some stupid god figure to know that killing and raping people is wrong, and if you think otherwise then you can just go eat your own shit.

  8. I can’t understand rapists at all, I just can’t get into that mindset. I mean, I would never do that. Unless of course the woman said she didn’t want to have sex with me.

  9. ^ No woman will ever have sex with you willingly. You’re a cow.

  10. I will never rape a woman. I’m gay.

  11. If it’s a legitimate rape, then Tiffanys body can shut that whole thing down right?.. (From what I understand from doctors)

  12. Tiffany needs to get her fat ass out of the Freshman dorm. LSU IS A MAJOR UNIVERSITY. You’re no longer stuck in your little Baton Rouge Catholic School world. There are people with (gasp) DIFFERENT OPINIONS.

    Shit, when I went to LSU, the pro-choice student group stuck a bunch of wire coat hangers in the ground in front of the War Memorial to protest the Christian group who had stuck a bunch of crosses in the ground the day before to signify aborted babies. I am Catholic (although pro-choice) and I thought the crosses were obnoxious, but the coat hangers were hysterical.

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    all these church-going christians are repressed killers and rapists, only kept in check by fear of a vengeful deity.

    Yet they look down on non-believers as they choose not to rape or murder simply out of an ingrained morality.

    I see…

  14. Another thing: anyone who’s ever been to Baton Rouge knows that the ONLY religion is LSU Football. That stadium seats nearly 100,000 people and it sells out most home games.

    So, see? Tiffany is WRONG. Plenty of people at LSU go to worship every weekend…during the months of September-November.

  15. i can never take analrapist seriously.
    I read everything he says in tobias’s voice.

  16. tobias?

  17. Tobias Boon, one of the creators of Mortal Kombat.

  18. ^no. tobias beecher.

  19. funny… I hear Nails as season one Beecher, and Ms as Schillinger

  20. MsAnneThrope with another post that nobody understands. Obscure references are so fun!

  21. haha, it’s true.
    berk is nobody.

  22. blissfully so

    such a shame Nails isn’t like season six Beecher.. that’d be more fun

  23. You’re such a fucking idiot, berk. I wouldn’t kill MsAnne. She’s nice to me and it’s consensual.

    Itzmurda, you DO know no one likes you, right?

  24. but I’m only nice when you’re not stupid – and it’s a rare courtesy that I truly hope you extend back to me, too, you ill-bred cunt.

  25. good for you Nails, you got promoted to the department of assessing people’s intelligence I see. I know you wouldn’t hurt her, I was actually referring to the season Beecher grew some and went loco in that oh so entertaining way.

    Consensual? o.0 ummm ok

  26. ^it’s been pointed out to you before that you are best staying silent than staying stupid.

  27. Staying silent then staying stupid is also an option.

  28. is also a given.

  29. but then you wouldn’t get to feel superior somewhere in your dusty little world

  30. This Tiffany is a creepy little fundy.

  31. Stupid religious bitch.

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