Friday, January 4, 2013

David is Doomed

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  1. And you’re a nosy bitch.

  2. It’s a fucking game you stupid cow.

  3. tarnua? y’all are some fucked up fuckwits! hiding behind a game and shit…

  4. What a whiny fucking harlot. if she’s willing to go as far as making a claim as bold as him ruining his childrens lives because he was talking dirty to some guy pretending to be a girl online, then I’d like her to pony up, and show us her internet history.

  5. People are being rather shitty about this, yeah making an update from his account is petty but I think she has the right to be pissed.

  6. People have no dignity any more. I blame Jerry Springer.

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  8. Considering what a cunt you are, you should consider it a privilege he calls you anything else other than…. well… cunt.

  9. Bring_back_fingering

    To everyone who says Lamebook has become shit – this is a good Lamebook. It makes me happy. And it’s free.

  10. It’s okay, David. I was also assured that once I got married, I could have all the sex I wanted. What they neglected to tell me, though, was that it would most often be with my left hand.

  11. Why go public? All I see is

    “Can not fully satisfy my husband, he looks elsewhere like any hot blooded animal would do. I got fat and am too lazy to do anything about it. Now I’m telling all of our friends, only half of which will give a shit – my half, because his friends are loyal to him, as you would expect, and all of my friends are female so they have a God given right to bitch.”

  12. hannibal-lecture

    David should just buttsex his wife…that will shut her up!

  13. Is that why you flirt with dirty skanks on lamebook, beatus?

  14. *grinning*
    I am so relieved to see all you guys upset over her reaction, as it HAS TO mean you would all be totally fine with your woman talking dirty to other guys online and telling them she loves them. You wouldn’t be hypocrites enough to be upset in the least if she would, right? *sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet smile*
    Oh, and let us not forget how supply and demand works online: all she need to do is announce “I am female” and she will be drowned in offers xD

  15. ^Are you the OP / David’s wife? If so: Have some fucking pride woman. Whatever he did, you’ve just made you the bad guy with your crazy public ranting.

  16. If that was my husband I’d divorce him too, not because of the flirting but because he wastes his time playing those fb games. What a Loooooser….

  17. Aww Frank, when I see you this grumpy I think I vaguely can recall an earlier occasion when I was thouroughly unimpressed by a comment of yours… but… STILL grinding your teeth about that..? Don’t be bitter, just try harder with your future comments. *even sweeter smile*

  18. ^ Oh my, I’m impressed. I’ve never seen such pearly white teeth…wait…omg….is that…cum? That’s disgusting!

  19. Funny, I only thought slutty, preteen girls who spend too much time in chat rooms used emotes like that.


  20. twistedthighs isn’t op, but it obviously happened to her before, just like candy apple…

  21. Monroe, Michigan! OH MY GOD….that’s like close to me. Like really close… I hope I don’t know him.

  22. ^ “Know” in the biblical sense?

  23. look at all those thumbs down! lotsa people who prefer to be sly while not saying a fucking word. Typical women.

  24. carlosspicyweiner

    I hate all of you.

  25. gungalagunga,Noobsauce,CapnJaques,stubbyholder,frankenstein,Scarab83,JennySlade,crustylovelip
    Wow it looks like you guys will be with me for a very long time.

  26. Wow! Looks like I won the thumbs up stakes!

  27. I’d rather lick my own arse than remain friends with a girl who walks all over me. Fuck friendzones.

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