Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 1 and Done

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  1. I laughed harder when Jonathan claimed he said it:

    lamebook [dot] com /an-off-the-wal-greeting/

  2. that joke is older than the internet.

  3. it’s old but it still makes me laugh every time, I’m easy to please though!

  4. Oh my God, that is so fake. I heard that joke when I was about 10. I’m 29 now…

  5. Has the hamster that runs the lamebook wheel died or something? That would explain to total lack of filtration in regards to these stupid posts kinds of posts. I mean, if I wanted to see this kind of stuff, I could have just opened my own newsfeed as I’m sure I’ve seen this “joke” pop up a few times this week already.

  6. ^you should probably have a fb friend cull.

  7. wow this chick is so clever, she should be on TV like that girl Whitney who isn’t at all funny either

    What’s really funny is that this chick is probably 18 and hasn’t worked a day in her life, but its probably ‘in’ to say you work at Walmart, its the new fake glasses with no lenses in them

  8. ^ As far as I’m concerned, Groucho Marx was the last person allowed to wear those glasses.

  9. A funny thing happened at Wal-Mart the other day. I walked in, and the greeter asked if my daughters were twins. I told him to take his tired old joke and shove it up his ass.

    And then I left Wal-Mart because I realized I had no business there: I wasn’t wearing my pajamas.

  10. I actually saw this happen in person, but the story kind of got changed…as I remember it, the ugly woman bitch slapped the greeter, knocked them down, dropped her drawers and shat twice on the greeters face.

    “HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE TWINS?!?!?!?!” she screamed as she was hauled away by the authorities.

    The ugly children weren’t so ugly they didn’t get raped in foster care, though, so the story had a happy ending….

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