Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Dave…

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  1. Bill Frist!

  2. Dear Nikki: First and foremost, that’s animal abuse. Secondly, it’s “you’re”, not “your”. Thirdly, it’s “your” and not “UR” unless you happen to be one of “UR” kids. Lastly, with a name like Nikki you’re probably a bitchy, high-maintenance, money-grubbing skank and a very big part of the reason Dave looked elsewhere. ♥, Tofu.

  3. This was on the Joe Rogan Board this morning.

  4. and Nikki seems like a childish slut too

  5. I was totally willing to forgive ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ and give the win to Nikki til I saw the dog tied to the car. Poor beast.

  6. tiedyejedi, “poor beast” = the dog or Nikki? Or both?

  7. Throwingtofu and tiedyejedi, It is in fact “your”. Using the contraction “You’re”(as in you are) makes absolutely no sense. For example, Dave, tell “YOU ARE” gf… How dumb does that sound? almost as dumb as the two of you.

  8. drewskie, perchance did you note that there was more than one “your” in Nikki’s message? In “Your broke,” “You’re” is the correct form. So, throwingtofu and tiedyejedi were right, making you…?

  9. Yeah, why bring a defenceless dog into your marital woes? I hate it when people do that. I sincerely hope Dave noticed that his dog was tied to the bumper before driving off. If not, then I hope he hunted Nikki down and rubbed the remains of its carcass right in her bitch face.

  10. Why is the dogs not one of the “kids”? Seriously would you leave one of your kids tied to the car?!?! You soulless biatch.

  11. I saw that sick bastard driving on the I-70 last week with the poor dog still dangling from the bumper. I thought it was a toy. That prick must have cleaned the writing from his window and didn’t bother to detach the dog. What an asshole.

  12. Very classy, Nikki. You tie up a dog with no water and shade then you drag your kids into your marital bullshit, you sad illiterate tart.

  13. The dogs reflection in the first pic shows him facing the car as if he is owned by the photographer, though it’s leash is tied to the car. Weird.
    Also Lamebook, way to go failing to blur out the dogs face.

  14. I am going to find that dog and fuck it to within an inch of its life and whose fault will that be?

    Yours lamebook. Yours.

  15. Did i heard anybody said dawg? Ooohh y’all mean DOG,nom nom nom.

  16. I would have taken the dog home with me. Looks like no-one wanted it.

  17. PA… Fuck I laughed

  18. This was funny. I forgive the spelling, and I couldn’t care less about the dog.

  19. littleredcorvette

    I hope Nikki’s kids run away to be with their dad and his gf.

  20. More importantly, with gas prices what they are, who still drives a Ford Excursion?

  21. Poor dog. We should tie her to a SUV and see how she feels.

  22. Did you ever think that Nikki kicked Dave out of the house and that’s why he was at a hotel? He had to take the dog with him, which the Hotel doesn’t allow and so HE tied the dog to the back?? Just saying.. it may have not been her.

  23. tweetatcelebritytypos

    Ugh, the your. The horror, the horror.


  24. I think it was hilarious. Fuck the dog.

  25. You would Lexi. That is why you have that court date tomorrow.

  26. one how is it being childish, she was cheated on. i think it’s a great way to make him feel like an ass and a coward, that he is. what is so childish, cowardly of her, she tied the fucking dog to the car, clearly it’s hot out. stupid bitch! pooch can come live with me <3

  27. Cheated on or not, that’s no excuse for misusing the word ‘your.’
    Or mistreating the dog.

  28. At least she left him his best friend. It was not cruel to tie up the dog in a busy hotel car park; she knew it would be found very quickly.

  29. Yeah, it was cruel to tie the dog up. If the guy comes back to his car from the front and never sees his dog tied to the bumper, the dog is going to DIE.

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