Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dear Kid

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    Seriously Steve….close your blinds. Thanks.

  2. I know who the one thumbs down is….lol.

  3. Pretty snide way of dealing with it, to shame the guy before his entire college… bullying prick

  4. Maybe he’s an exhibitionist

  5. I say this guy deserves two thumbs way up. First for being nice enough to say something that will probably get to the guy and warn him about being seen, and the second for not videoing it and posting it on the web.

  6. @hugashan, the guy in question wasn’t even named; only a general area where he could have been was mentioned. It might be embarrassing for him, but suspicion can be spread among the guys who live in that section.

  7. @hugasha, There are about 15 windows that match that description with two people per a room. There are no names, pictures or even a specific day or time. I think it’s a stretch to think that someone is being specifically bullied rather than just jokingly warned. And as far as “shaming” goes, it’s referred to as a “rookie mistake”. He isn’t called a name, or referred to as a pervert or has had his behaviour been referred to as anything more than an oversight. A group of guys I work with put up an ad on craigslist about another coworking with his name saying he had AIDS because he’s gay. That’s actual bullying.

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