Monday, March 4, 2013

Deep Fried Drama

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  1. THIS is breakfast to these fuckin people?

    And you thought the Germans had no class! (Little Sopranos reference for all the fanboys there)

  2. More family drama playing out on facebook. Awesome!

  3. Bacon? With pancakes? I’m guessing they’re fatties.

  4. This is like the chicken and the egg conundrum…

    Did she become fat after losing her self esteem, or did she lose her self esteem after becoming fat? Because seriously, who advertises their cheating partner’s crimes on FB one week and then snuggles up to her “babe” for a horrible breakfast the next?

  5. Who the hell cuts their pancakes into triangles?

  6. That bacon looks pretty sub-par to me.

  7. She couldn’t even wait 5 seconds to take the picture before digging in.

  8. I like how the guy is trying to guilt the other girl for calling him out on his cheating. Sure dude making some pancakes is totally going to make up for banging some strange, and it really gives you the moral high ground too.

  9. I need to get some sleep. I saw “made me breakfast in bed” and the black plate and saw a man cooking pancakes and bacon on a skillet in bed. My first thought was, “Well, that’s a bit dangerous, isn’t it?”

  10. Yo ass be so hot I can cook bacon on it, yo!

  11. ^that’s how Americans speak, right?

  12. ^ No, only wiggers speak that way.

  13. ^ And Americans don’t like them anyway

  14. ‘supp dawg? Busta cap inda po po?

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