Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deep Thoughts

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  1. Ben!

    Oh, right, times have changed *sigh*

    What I get from #3 is that private schools allow peadophiles. And god. Wait a second, is there a comical connection here?

  2. Daniel, you are so clever to come up with that all by yourself.

    The sooner Yahoo dies the better. Their appalling layout and accessability has driven my father crazy to the point where we may have a lawsuit.

    Kudos to Sharif. I respect religion but I’m getting tired of sanctimonious turds like Zac.

  3. hootie the blowfish

    Michael is a moron. Yahoo is still one of the top three or so most-visiting Web sites.

  4. God, a dog, and a pedophile all walk into a public school…

  5. I’m not allowed at the local 7-11. Something about checking lube levels with my dip stick or something. Hell I don’t know. All I remember is I wanted another Vodka Slushie.

  6. And then I woke up on a public school.

  7. Zach’s post has many clever and subtle hidden layers of meaning.

    For instance did you realise that Dog is God spelt backwards?

    Backwards, just like the fucking soppy mentalist retards who still believe in an Iron Age fairytale angry man with a beard who lives in the clouds, sitting around judging us all and who talks to dogs in hallways.

  8. Different cultures have different needs, and in japan for example, they prefer yahoo over google’s plain and dull main page. I’ll stay with google, but I understand why they do it and I don’t expect them to change their minds

  9. @7 No one asked for your opinions, sir.

  10. I don’t get it, my school MAKES us celebrate Day of the Dead but we can hardly say Merry Christmas without getting in trouble. Hypocrites..

  11. Hypocrites. Let’s criticize religion but take advantage of the religious holidays… Good one.

  12. Fuck golddigger, that worn out tired ass argument just shows the backward mentality of you bible bashers. Do I pray to the invisible man at christmas? No, but I sure don’t go sit outside my closed work pining to get in so I can appease you dicks. Here’s a compromise, we will abolish christmas completely, just have the same days off and call it – oh i dunno, family day, then I won’t have to listen to a bunch of whinging, analy retentive assholes telling me I shouldn’t be sitting around the pool on boxing day downing beers and perving on all my girlfriends friends in bikinis because I don’t talk to Jeebus every night.

  13. “believe” in God. That should say it all.

  14. People like you are make this world
    A shitty place.. Ignorance and close mindedness. You have no idea of my faith, if any, yet you are quick to judge… Your last statement really
    Makes me give two shits about your overal statement cause you made yourself look like a fuck tard.. Don’t try to hard to make yourself look so interesting. Live and let live.
    Hawkbit… I “believe” in love, hope,and myself yet because people chose to believe in something that you don’t, it makes it wrong. Just another ignorant asshole in this world that wasn’t hugged as a child.

  15. I’ll “live and let live” when tossers like you stop trying to tell me i’m a hypocrite for not going to work at easter while not deluding myself about their imaginary friend and some fantastical tale about a dude with zombie powers from 2000 years ago.
    I’d say it’s people like that, who feel the need to force their laughable fantasies down everyone’s throats, that are making this world a shitty place.
    Like I said, if it’s such an issue, we will just cancel all the religious holidays and instead have secular holidays, but then you would whinge even more wouldn’t you.

    Oh and weren’t you just saying something about quick to judge? “Just another ignorant asshole that wasn’t hugged as a child”. Pot. Kettle. Ringing any bells? Ass-hat.

  16. @poopaloop, WHO exactly has shoved any beliefs down your throat? Certainly not anyone on here, so why don’t you stop being an ‘ass-hat’ and not shove your own beliefs down others throats. Its people like you who complain about christians and muslims and other religions etc pushing their views in other peoples faces (when in actuality most don’t) that ARE MASSIVE hypocrites because then you go and say incredibly offensive stuff like “imaginary friend and some fantastical tale about a dude with zombie powers from 2000 years ago”, which is, in fact, shoving YOUR view down others throats. Pot. Kettle…

  17. Hey, can we leave the pots and the kettles out of this? I’m a Utensiliarian and I find it very insulting when you brazenly mock these icons of my religion. Thanks.

  18. @Ahat …. BAHAHAHAHA

  19. Zach, they don’t let GOD or dogs into public schools because:
    A) Dogs shit all over the place; and
    B) there’s a thing called “separation of church and state.” I know that’s a hard concept to grasp for people like you, but religion has no place in public schools.

  20. @9 Nobody asked for a face full of stinky cum either, but if you keep talking like the real truth behind a purportedly magic jew is down to each persons personal opinion you’re gonna get one.

  21. Yes, golddigger, I was raped by a group of penguins earlier in my childhood.
    ccaarrll, I seem to recall some religious propaganda first making the scene today on LB, so we can imagine why poopaloop felt the need to tell you guys to “fuck off”
    It is amazing the stupid things people will believe in this day and age of science. poopaloop has some measure of scientific evidence backing his claim; as of yet you have bat-shit zero.

  22. I’ve recently obtained two young, hot, Mormon ladies who come to my house fortnightly and to talk about whether god exists or not. I don’t think they shave but I’m pretty sure they’re neatly trimmed.

  23. Zach’s story confuses me. It points out that God is as approriate for a classroom as a dog is, but then he implies that he’s a believer in God.

    So which is he, pro- or anti-God? o.O

  24. Sure, it’s not like our high schools allow prayer circles at the flagpole before class, the 1950’s addition to our Pledge of Allegiance, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or volunteering at church to count for community service credit. YOU CHRISTIANS ARE SO PERSECUTED.

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