Monday, July 18, 2011

Definite Difficulties

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  1. I have a fair few friends who talk about their ‘collage’ work. Bare in mind they’re all over 30 and some work in schools… I want to slap them. Illiterate bastards.

  2. Oh and first Woo!

  3. Not sure if I’m going blind or just stupid but what’s up with the last pic?

  4. Jools – His clothes rail has come loose. Things people think their friends want to see pics of amazes me.

  5. i had to re read the last picture, i thought it was a girl posting it

  6. @Cockneyplebel: I think you meant bear* in mind, unless the mind was going to be baring itself of it’s skull.

  7. I would totally do these sisters together. Well… Maybe just one of them.

  8. @rizm. True. As a lover of irony I find my mistake very entertaining.

  9. Let’s give Arthur the benefit of the doubt and assume Amber just got her BFA and her thesis project was a massive collage.

  10. vintagebarnwood

    @rizm: I think you meant its* skull, unless you were trying to say “unless the mind was going to be baring itself of it is skull.”

  11. Ah thanks Cockney, you can tell he’s unemployed.

  12. Figures that the only graduate in the family is the chubby brunnette sister instead of the blonde skinny whore…

  13. I think Arthur did it on purpose

  14. ouch on that last one.

  15. that is exactly what I meant. =P

  16. By the looks of it i bet she finishes everything she starts, Mainly breakfast, lunch and dinner

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