Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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  1. Good work genius! Obviously an American!

  2. Ps. Wtf was a man doing ironing?

  3. I’m guessing if this guy is dumb enough to try this, The people on his friends list actually appreciate the warning and see this as an important post

  4. If you keep being this stupid, please be a man, or a sterilized woman, so that there under no circumstances can get babies out of you being raped!

  5. Did he iron on his beer belly?

  6. No shit…just a fat, lazy American probably, eating Oreos and watching Jersey Shore. And ironing is women’s work, like sandwich making. Stever rules, fuck you all!

  7. Don’t forget to click a picture of it and post it on Facebook. That’s always a good idea.

  8. Jeez, since I’ve been gone the Dane faggots and Steever’s cocksucking cheerleader really have lowered the tone here. Suck a dick.

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