Monday, April 9, 2012

Devolution of a Beard

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  1. Gay. Beard.
    See what I did there?

  2. Yeah, you typed the same words. Congrats.

  3. I want to know if he got any ‘likes’.
    I mean, except for his mum.

  4. So he can shave cool beard styles, but he hasn’t heard about SHAMPOO ?

  5. I am not allowed to grow a beard like that

  6. I’m sure he’s heard of it TTF, but he’s a dirty fucking hippie, if he’s caught they’ll shove a massive quantity of shrooms down his throat, make him eat gummy bears laced with inhumane doses of lsd and let him loose in the park with an mp3 player with nothing but phish on it…wait…he might like that…How DO you punish a hippie for being..clean?

  7. ^ make him read one of your comments.

  8. I guess you of all people would know, mass. Now bugger off before I spray you with my…jose 😀

  9. I see the same people comment on all of these so I wanna join the crowd. I check this shit everyday so hello all

  10. CapnJaques comment was dumb, but I still strongly support it because it was clearly anti-hippies.

  11. Not so fast there, bubba. What’s the password?

  12. I swear some retards don’t understand the difference between ‘hippie’ and ‘hobo’.
    These are generally the same retards who fail to grasp the basic discongruity between ‘sycophant’ and ‘independent thought’.

  13. there is a fine line between hippie and hobo… the main part of it is that hippies can normally afford some drugs some sort of houseing (it might be a vehicle but hey) and hippie in general make the decision to be a hippie. hobo are simply dirty because they are poor and drunk and homeless and cant bum enough money for a bath…

  14. oh, just stop it, you stupid stoner-hippy. you’re not fucking fooling anybody.

  15. I might try the manson tomorrow night

  16. I don’t know the difference between a hippie and a hobo, but it’s funny to watch either one of them get beat up.

  17. ^I like how you said ‘watch’. that makes you feel like a much more superior grade of douche than if you had claimed to do a bit of IRL hard-manning?

  18. Sorry, Mass wins, CapnJackoff loses. That is all. Carry on.

  19. I like to watch.

  20. ^ Who doesn’t?

  21. Hi sagan, a/s/l plz

  22. He loses points for not giving himself a pen tattoo for The Charlie Manson.

  23. The Joachin? Any chance he meant to Joaquin? hmmm..

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