Thursday, October 4, 2012


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  1. even steeeeeeeeeeeeeever knows this is fake. that pic has been around longer than fb.

  2. ^true story. Fake

  3. D-I-L-D-O and dildo was his name-o.

  4. HP and Steven. Shut the fuck up. No one gives a fuck what you have to say.

  5. Who gives a fuck if it’s old? It’s still fucking fantastic! Just like war heroes…they’re old and excellent…I bet you’re one of those dicks that think they don’t have a place in the modern world just because they’re old.

  6. carlosspicyweiner

    Obama is a dildo.

  7. That dildo gets more pussy and bitches than any of us.

  8. If you zoom in you can see the tide marks on the widows friend

  9. ‘war hero’ is an oxymoron.
    real heroes say “hell no, we won’t go to your fucked-up war.”

  10. All wars are fucked up MsAnne, who was it that said war is futile? I’d rather fight and win than stand back and complain.

  11. win what, exactly, you fucking imbecile?
    there hasn’t been a war either winnable or even worth ‘winning’ since WW2.
    all modern wars are just paving the way for old white men’s commerce.

  12. ^ that’s very “make love not war” Misanthrope :’) So we must assume you have a heart after all and do things like adopt orphans and cuddle kittens. Good on you sweetie :3

  13. Fuck you. I’m just sick of listening to the wailings and moanings of the womenfolk every time Johnny Soldier comes home in a fucking body bag.

  14. for no discernible reason.

  15. Me thinks the lady doth protest too me….

  16. LOL *much

  17. LOL *thinks

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