Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dinner on the fly…

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  1. Que the horror music……….she did it for the insurance!

  2. Welcome to the Idiocracy. Darwin would be proud.

  3. So I thought, Wow…is she ever dumb for not noticing.

    Then I realized she stores her bug spray with her cooking oil.

    Darwin at work.

  4. …….we then realised we had been using fly swatters to eat our soup.

  5. Why would somebody keep fly spray in their kitchen, let alone own one!?
    If there’s a fly in your house, open a window so it can fly out.

  6. *Then we realised this post isn’t even funny.

  7. I once sprayed oven cleaner in my face

  8. I once sprayed deoderant on my hair.

  9. ^Woah man. How was it?

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