Monday, April 12, 2010

Ditz Blitz

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  1. Hobo, I said that darlin’, I’m WIDE awake after.

  2. @tgrogan21

    You got played. Get over it. Jeesh.

  3. well word… i dont sleep much… i get about 4 to 6 hours a night… and right after sex i lay there for a bit and could fall asleep if i wanted too… but i just choose to get up, if thats what i want… sometimes it is time for bed so sleeping after is cool

    the only thing that puts me too sleep is reading textbooks late at night while being stoned… After about 30 minutes im como bound

  4. Nope, a good orgasm knocks this gal out too.

  5. Well slim, I wouldn’t need to be stoned to pass out reading textbooks, I would need the pot to get inspired enough to read the fuckers, so I understand your situation.

  6. Chewbacca shagger

    Every girl i know that has had an orgasm can’t shut the hell up after. That’s how i know they have had one 🙂 It’s happend twice.

  7. 420. Props.

  8. Depends on the time of day I guess, sometimes I self to get to sleep.

  9. She sounds like such a classy lady, I wish they didnt blur her name out. Then, I could meet up with her and go boweling with Sarah and we could all shine out of our ass. Dills.

    Youve only given two orgasms? ):

  10. Fatima is having to defend herself as a woman. “i’m a woman no matter what you say!”

    … sounds like a problem?

  11. I want to go boweling with Sarah… conjures up some images, don’t it.

  12. I live life like the sun, shine out my ass? Click your hills three times and wish you have a life? I can’t wait for Fatima to come to my neighbourhood on her international poetry tour.

  13. Dill with it.

  14. businessofmisery

    We need to hook Fatima up with the juggalo. They could talk at length about how other people should dill with stuff!

  15. The Salmon Mousse

    Bowelling should be an Olympic sport

  16. WhyNotTheWhales

    I’m with Kizcakes! A good orgasm or two, and I’m knocked out for the winter.

  17. Your right Chewbacca… give me an orgasm and i’ll talk to you for the rest of the night!

  18. After an orgasm I just pay and leave…

  19. I’ll just say that I wank to go to sleep and I am definitely a woman!

  20. WhyNotTheWhales

    Oh snap! @ mass.

  21. Boweling? Is that what they’re calling anal nowadays???

  22. i wank to go to sleep what the fuck is wrong with that? Matter of fact ive banged my girl to sleep and still wanked like a boss

  23. Oh Cindy… maybe you should aim for a few classes below your level. Ya know, catch up a little?

  24. Fatima is one ugly name.

  25. lol

  26. The main goal in any man’s life is to discharge semen repeatedly. We strive all day towards that goal and once it’s reached we can sleep peacefully, knowing that millions of potential money-draining lives have been tossed in a bin, flushed down the toilet, or defeated by chemicals. We cannot let the semen win!

    When women get semen in their vag they get all gitty and excited and want to go shopping for baby clothes. Not happening dude. Go to sleep.

  27. I once met a Fatima, she introduced herself to me as ‘Hi I’m Fatima, but everyone calls me Fatty’…. Then I never knew what to call her because I felt uncomfortable calling someone Fatty as part of casual conversation.

  28. Amtrak , since no one gives you credit for that piece of wittyness (if that is even a word) i will.

    The fatty joke made me smile so thanks.

  29. @FatherSha The word for “piece of wittyness” is witticism.

  30. hehe Woody from now on i will use it all the time and act convinced that it is a real word

  31. Chewbacca shagger

    @ Shutuptrick, Yes thats correct, just twice. Apparently it’s not a race. I always thought i was good because i always won and only lost twice.
    @ KayCee, Talk all you want over my snoring 🙂

  32. Fatima. You are brilliant.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  33. Abandon all hope, ye who attempts to tag last.

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