Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Does this turn you on?

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  1. Please run in front of a Greyhound bus. Thanks.

  2. it would’ve been pretty funny if he didn’t explain his own joke, but how many women understand hex?

  3. plus, that’s 85 shades.

  4. @2 That’s sexist, unless you meant: how many women who have read 50 shades of grey understand hex? ?

    Unlike 50 shades of grey, this post was not funny.

  5. The fact that you took the time to count @tellingitreal says a lot.

  6. #4 good point and you’re right.

    #5 it took me almost all of 10 seconds to see it’s 7×12 +1 and to figure it out. i’m a math geek, i notice shit like that all the time. what of it?

  7. omg is this a clever joke bro.. a NERd Joke I love it only thing is the .exe cution on the joke yah feel me?

    You should have waited more than a minute before posted the comment deary.You came way too fast..

    It takes a while to figure things out. I understand html text and have read 50 shades of grey. There is a lot of grey…

  8. And yes
    it does turn me on.

  9. ^you mean it got your inner goddess doing the macarena?

  10. Giggitty!

  11. Note quite i mean mentally the math silly.. it got my brain turned on..

  12. Penis McGuillicutty

    The original post and subsequent comments from people that understood it are making me reevaluate why I spend any time here.

  13. Kamille, guessing there was no need to lick your finger to turn the pages then?

  14. Has nobody noticed that the first entry isn’t even gray? That was the very first thing I thought when I saw this…

  15. Blarghle, it is grey, a ‘cool’ grey (slightly blue).
    Time to step away from the computer.

  16. It sooo does turn me on….., Oh wait, I don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory”….. Sorry nerd

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